Fibrelight cables
Fibrelight connectors
Liquid light cables
Camera systems
Sony monitors
Halogen light sources
Xenon light sources
Headlight systems
Monopolar / diathermy cables
Monopolar forceps
Diathermy accessories
Monopolar laparoscopy
Bipolar cables
Bipolar forceps
Irrigated bipolar forceps
Titanium bipolar forceps
Claris Non stick forceps
Disposable bipolar forceps
Bitech bipolar scissors
Bipolar Laparoscopy Slimline
Bipolar Laparoscopy Modular
Bipolar Laparoscopy Powergrip
Bipolar Coagulation pencil
Handswitches / Fingerswitches
Sterilisation trays
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Grazedean Ltd. UK agents for KIRWAN link

KIRWAN link Surgical Products are manufacturer's of fine products for demanding microsurgical specialities including neurosurgrey, opthalmology, plastic and reconstructive microsurgery and ENT. They are dedicated to producing the precision disposable and reusable instruments that you demand.


Grazedean Ltd. supporters of Wessex Volleyball

Wessex are the country's biggest club, with over 200 players and 42 teams including: 3 National League teams, 2 South-West League teams, 13 Poole & District teams. The club also actively encourages sport in the local schools and has teams for boys and girls at under 10 to 18's & 21.

Learn more about the club and sport at the website.


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