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When what you're looking for is a nice cup of Rosie Lee... has but one purpose in life: to make it easier for you to find a decent cup of tea! The traditional British teashop, whilst not quite a thing of the past, is increasingly under threat from global coffee-house chains like Starbuck's, Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero... well, you get the idea. And whilst these all sell tea - in some cases, even a half-decent cup - you won't find any of them on here. No, no... for this is a personally researched and independent review of the finer tea shops of the land, providing great tea in great surroundings, with great service!

For a teashop to find its way on here, it has to satisfy a number of pretty exacting criteria. These are they:

  1. It must be a proper cup of tea, by which I mean it has good taste, colour, aroma... I'm not a tea snob, but I know a decent cup of tea when I see one.
  2. The tea must be served in a proper cup or mug. Sorry, no cardboard beakers or, worse still, polystyrene cups allowed.
  3. Real milk must be available. Those thumb-sized cartons of UHT milk just don't taste right. You know it, I know it.
  4. Service must be friendly/accommodating/warm. It's such a shame when a decent cuppa is spoiled by being banged down in front of you without so much as a smile, or even eye-contact.
  5. If the prices are a rip-off, forget it! I don't mind paying a little extra for a bit of a quality, but there's a limit...
  6. I have to have been there. Sorry, it's no good you contacting me to say "oh, Ye Olde Tea Shoppe in Little Sprodington is wonderful, you must include it." It might be great, but if I haven't been there and had great tea there, it doesn't make the list, simple as that.

There has been a bit of thought put into the site design too. Specifically, this guide should always have:

  • easy to use menus;
  • simple, logical guide structure;
  • simple, clutter free pages;
  • all pages accessible in <= 3 mouse clicks;
  • optimized images minimise download times;
  • absence of pop-up ads.

All sounds good, doesn't it? The downside of all this is that because I have to do the research myself, the number of great tea locations at first will be small, and will only grow slowly. Not only that, there will inevitably be some geographical bias. I just can't get round the whole country quickly enough! But I will in time, so check back often...

Now I should point out that this website is not a commercial exercise, but a labour of love. However, it does cost, and not just my time by actual money too! So, if you want to help out, you can by making a donation to Great Tea through PayPal, as per the link below. Thanks.

Now go and put the kettle on, grab a nice biscuit or two, and prepare to start your search for great tea!

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