When my father died, I inherited the usual collection of family photographs. Luckily some had been labelled, but many were not. I remember some stories from my Grandmother, but I wanted to find out how I was related to the people we visited as children, how were we related to ‘the Austalians’, how did the Deweys fit in?

With so much information now available on the internet and living in Islington, not far from the family records centre, I have been able to fill in some of the gaps.
The Wright history is tracable to the area between Grantham and Melton Mowbray, centered on Croxton Kerrial. When church records began, entries for Wrights can be found back to the 1720's in Sproxton and even ealier in Bottesford. The direct line can be traced back to Edward Wright in Sproxton.

This is a work in progress, so do please contact me with any corrections you may have and having to put things down on paper has helped me organise my thoughts.


Graham Wright

4 January, 2005