Things are really moving along at Halton Transport.

From the 14th of September 2014 we are launching an improved network offering more possibilities for travelling around Runcorn and Widnes. No other operator covers Halton so comprehensively.

With new routes, new links and extra early morning buses as well as a bus every 30 minutes throughout the evening to Murdishaw from Liverpool our services offer the best options for travel around Halton and beyond at the best value for money.

Read more about it and find out how it affects you here.

Timetable leaflets are available for our new and revised services (2 & 62, 9, 14, 27 and 61) Pick up your copy at the depot in Moor Lane, Widnes or ask the driver on the bus.

Timetables can be downloaded immediately by clicking the "read more about it" link above.

In coming weeks you will notice a big change in the appearance of this Web site. We are trying to make it more attractive and accessible to passengers, especially to those out and about with smartphones. Do let us know what you think.

New LinksNew Links

It is now possible to travel between more points around the borough than was previously possible.

Linking services 2 and 62 means that Halebank and Coronation Drive in Widnes now have a half-hourly service to Murdishaw via Halton Lea.

Service 61 diverts to serve Castlefields and Windmill Hill between Halton Lea and Murdishaw. This means an increase from two buses an hour to three between Windmill Hill and Widnes.

Service 14 is extended to Murdishaw every 30 minutes throughout the day including a new evening service. Service levels between Widnes and Liverpool via Hough Green are maintained. With service 62 the new 14A provides a 15 minute service between Chesnut Lodge and Murdishaw via Grangeway on weekdays. In the evening, service 14B links Murdishaw and Liverpool via Windmill Hill, Grangeway and Hough Green every 30 minutes.

A completely new service 9 starts on Monday 15th of September via previously unserved parts of Widnes. See below.

All the improvements to our services can be read in the timetable leaflets linked to our Service News page.


All our timetables can be downloaded from the site. Our current times are linked on this page which has been simplified and broken down for clarity. From now on our many school and college route times will be on separate pages from our main services.

Any recently published or future timetables will be found in the Service News page.

Buzz AboutBuzz About with Us

In recent times Halton has been experimenting using smaller buses to get closer to where you want to go.

We have been operating an improved service 26/26A to Cronton for over a year now with great success. We have also operated the 200 service linking Runcorn station and old town with the New Town employment areas. Did you know that, as well as serving Whitehouse, Daresbury Park, Sci-Tech and Manor Park, the 200 provides a super-fast link every 30 minutes all day between Murdishaw and Runcorn Old Town via Runcorn East, Windmill Hill and Astmoor? Look out for the little black buses and save yourself some time! You can use our Best Value Saver Tickets on this bus and save money. Download the times here.

Look out in Widnes for the new "BUZZABOUT" service 9 linking West Bank, Lower House Lane, Highfield Road and Appleton Village with Widnes town centre and The HIVE.


Follow the link to this page for our network map.

Our services now extend from Runcorn and Widnes to Liverpool, Huyton, St Helens and Warrington. Our Day and Weekly Saver Tickets are valid on all our services at all times offering the best value for travellers both within Halton and far beyond. Download the map to see how far you can go.

In the future we intend to link to diagrammatic maps for our principal routes and GPX tracks to aid travellers with mobile devices.


Our single fares are very good value compared with other major operators in the region.

In addition to this we offer a range of daily and weekly tickets which can be bought from the driver on all our services.

Our Saver tickets represent excellent value for money being valid on all our services at all times.

Adult tickets are

£3.80 daily or £16 weekly

Child tickets are

£2.20 daily and £11.50 weekly

JobsWork for Us

Because of our recent expansion and future plans we are looking for experienced drivers.

Applicants must have full PCV driving licence and CPC card. Uniform and benefits are provided and pay is £9.28 per hour.

Contact us. Details are alongside this announcement.

ContactContact Us

Halton Borough Transport Ltd, Moor Lane, Widnes WA8 7AF .

e-mail enquiries @

Telephone 0151 423 3333