Saturday 14 October 2017


With the opening of the new link between Runcorn and Widnes, the existing road bridge will be closed for many months. This has led to our having to divert our routes which cross the river.

Whist endeavouring to continue to provide the same level of service, Halton Transport has taken advantage of the enforced diversion to forge new links and serve new neighbourhoods. We hope that you will find these changes beneficial.

Now that the opening date has been announced as Saturday 14th October 2017, we can confirm that revisions to services 14A, 61A and 62/62A will apply from that date. The evening and Sunday services on service 14C to West Bank will come into effect from Sunday 15th October.

Below you will find a diagrammatic map of our cross-river routes which will come into force when the new bridge opens. Then, underneath, a description of the changes to each service and links to the future timetables.



Service 14/14A     Windmill Hill - Murdishaw - Shopping City - Castlefields - Widnes - Hough Green Farm - Belle Vale - Wavertree - Liverpool

  • 14A will no longer serve Runcorn station, High Street or Grangeway, operating instead via Mersey Gateway, Castlefields and the busway to Shopping City. Services 62 and 62A will continue to serve Latham Avenue, Grangeway and Halton Lodge.
  • 14A will extend from Murdishaw via Runcorn East to Windmill Hill (Southwood Avenue).
  • 14A will remain every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime and hourly Sunday daytime.
  • Some journeys on service 14 between Widnes and Liverpool are retimed.
  • Frequencies remain the same, giving a 15 minute combined service Monday to Saturday daytime between Widnes and Liverpool and every 7 to 8 minutes Widnes to Hough Green.
  • Service 14C has already been extended to serve West Bank and some journeys divert to serve Appleton village as service 14D. See below for full details.
  • Future timetable for 14 and 14A including journeys on 14C and 14D

Service 14C/14D     Widnes - Hough Green Farm

  • Service 14C was extended to operate to and from West Bank from the 4th of September.
  • Certain journeys operate via Appleton Village as 14D to replace service 9 which was withdrawn from this date.
  • Service between Widnes and Hough Green is mostly unchanged.
  • Evening and Sunday service will be provided from Sunday 15th October half-hourly between Green Oaks and West Bank with financial support from Halton Borough Council.


Service 61/61A     Halton Hospital - Runcorn - Widnes - Whiston Hospital - Huyton - Liverpool

Upon the opening of the new Mersey Gateway, service 61A from Huyton to Murdishaw via Widnes and Runcorn (High Street and Shopping City) will be rerouted and retimed.
  • 61A will operate via Mersey Gateway, Halton Road, Runcorn High Street, Runcorn Station, Greenway Road and Clifton Road to Shopping City and Halton Hospital.
  • Service 61A will no longer operate between Halton Hospital and Murdishaw.
  • Times between Widnes and Runcorn are subject to change.
  • Minor retiming between Widnes, Huyton and Liverpool

Future timetable for services 61 and 61A


Service 62, 62A
Halebank - Warrington

Upon the opening of the new Mersey Gateway services 62 and 62A between Halebank and Halton Hospital or Warrington via Widnes and Runcorn (High Street, Latham Avenue, Grangeway and Shopping City) will be rerouted. The service will run as usual between Halebank and the Kingsway Hotel in Victoria Road whereupon it will run non-stop to Runcorn High Street, omitting the stops in West Bank and Runcorn station.
From High Street the normal route will resume via Picton Avenue and Grangeway to Shopping City and Halton Hospital or Warrington.

  • Journeys remain on the times which were introduced on the 4th of September 2017.
  • Halebank to Halton Hospital every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime
  • Halebank to Murdishaw & Warrington every 30 mins Monday to Saturday daytime
  • Direct non-stop service between Runcorn High Street and Widnes town centre
  • Half-hourly weekday service between Runcorn High Street and and Runcorn East via Grangeway, Shopping City and Murdishaw

    New timetable for services 62 and 62A