21st May 2018


Service 14, 14A and 14C     Liverpool - Hough Green - Widnes - Runcorn

  • Service 14C no longer extends to West Bank, now terminating at Vicarage Road.
  • For buses to and from West Bank see services 27 and 27A
  • Service 14D withdrawn. Appleton Village now served by new service 27A.
  • Later 14A journeys to Windmill Hill every day.
  • An earlier journey on service 14 from Hough Green to Widnes on Sunday.
  • Frequencies remain the same, giving a 15 minute combined service Monday to Saturday daytime between Widnes and Liverpool and every 7 to 8 minutes Widnes to Hough Green
  • Timetable from 6th May 2018


Service 17     Widnes - St Helens


Service 27 and 27A     West Bank - Widnes - Weates Close and Bancroft Road

  • Service 27 extended to serve West Bank
  • New evening and Sunday service to Weates Close and Bancroft Road
  • Certain journeys will divert via Appleton Village as 27A Monday to Friday
  • Weekday daytime frequency reduced to hourly.
  • Services 26 and 26A provide alternative journeys to Halton View and Moorfield Road
  • Service 27 and 27A slightly revised from Monday 21st May: retiming of buses serving schools in early afternoon Mondays to Fridays.
  • Timetable for 27 and 27A from 21st May 2018