From Sunday 23rd of July 2017

14, 14A, 14C

Service 14       Widnes - Liverpool
Service 14A     Murdishaw - Liverpool
Service 14C     Widnes - Hough Green Farm

  • Service 14B is withdrawn and replaced by route 14 between Widnes and Liverpool
  • Evening service no longer serves the HIVE
  • Daytime services mostly unchanged
  • New timetable


Service 20, 20A
Murdishaw - Weston Point

  • Circular service via Grangeway, High Street, Weston Village.
  • Rerouted to replace withdrawn 14B service between Shopping City and Murdishaw via Castlefields
  • Evening service every day of the week
  • Supported via Halton Borough Council
  • New timetable