23rd April 2019


Services 62, 62A and 62C     Halebank - Widnes - Runcorn - Warrington

    Halebank – Widnes – Runcorn – Murdishaw – Warrington via Shopping City and Sandymoor

    Services 62, 62A and 62C between Halebank and Sandymoor or Warrington via Widnes and Runcorn (High Street, Latham Ave., Grangeway, Shopping City, busway)
    Peak time service improvements and reduction in off-peak frequency
    Daytime services extending from Shopping City to Sandymoor, Pitts Heath Lane
  • New morning 62A service to Manor Park and Warrington via Sci-Tech
  • All 62A journeys will operate via Manor Park
  • Morning peak time service 62C to operate via Chester Road outward from Warrington
  • Halebank to Sandymoor every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime
  • Halebank to Murdishaw & Warrington every hour Monday to Saturday daytime
  • Sunday service 62 unchanged hourly Halebank to Warrington
  • Complete timetable from Tuesday 23rd April 2019

6th April 2019


Services 14, 14A, 14C     Windmill Hill - Widnes - Hough Green - Liverpool

  • Service 14A continues to operate every 20 minutes between Windmill Hill and Liverpool Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes Sunday
  • Service 14C reverts to operate Hough Green – Widnes every 20 minutes daytime service Monday - Saturday
  • Services 14A and 14C combine every 10 minutes daytime between Hough Green and Widnes Monday to Saturday.
  • Operating via Castlefields and Mersey Gateway direct 14A is the fastest route from Runcorn New Town to Widnes.
  • Complete timetable from 6th April 2019