21st October 2018


Services 14, 14A, 14C     Windmill Hill - Widnes - Hough Green - Liverpool

  • Service 14A now every 20 minutes between Windmill Hill and Liverpool Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes Sunday
  • Service 14C extends to operate Hough Green – Widnes – Castlefields – Shopping City – Murdishaw – Windmill Hill every 20 minutes daytime service Monday - Saturday
  • Services 14A and 14C combine every 10 minutes daytime between Hough Green and Runcorn New Town Monday to Saturday.
  • Operating via Castlefields and Mersey Gateway direct this is the fastest route from the New Town to Widnes.
  • Complete timetable from 21st October 2018


Service 61. 61A     Liverpool - Huyton - Widnes - Runcorn

    Monday to Saturday:

  • service 61 from Liverpool extends from Widnes to and from Halton Hospital
  • Daytime frequency every 30 minutes
  • Peak hour frequency increases to every 20 minutes
  • Most journeys will now start and terminate at Queen Square in Liverpool.
  • Service 61A will now operate evenings only.

    Evenings and Sundays (from September 2018):

  • New hourly evening and Sunday services 61 and 61A between Halton Hospital and Widnes via Runcorn High Street and Cenotaph.
  • Certain evening journeys from Liverpool on service 14 extend hourly from Widnes to Halton Hospital as 61A
  • Most evening 61A journeys from Halton Hospital to Widnes will continue from Widnes as service 14 to Liverpool via Hough Green and Belle Vale
  • New daytime Sunday service 61 hourly from Halton Hospital to Liverpool via Widnes, Whiston Hospital and Huyton.
  • Complete timetable from 21st October 2018


Services 62 and 62A     Halebank - Widnes - Runcorn - Warrington

    Halebank – Widnes – Runcorn – Murdishaw – Warrington via Shopping City and Sandymoor

  • New later journey from Warrington at 1918 Monday to Saturday
  • Minor adjustments to other timings
  • Complete timetable from 21st October 2018