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These are our core services from Tuesday 23rd April 2019.
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14 14A 14C

Windmill Hill — Liverpool

via Murdishaw, Shopping City, Castlefields, Widnes, Hough Green, Belle Vale, Wavertree.

Combined timetable

Service 14/14A/14C revised from 6th April 2019

Monday to Saturday daytime:

Sunday daytime service 14A operates between Windmill Hill and Liverpool every 30 mintes.

Half-hourly service on route 14 Widnes - Liverpool every evening

Some evening journeys on service 14 extend to or from Halton Hospital as service 61A via Runcorn High Street and Cenotaph.


Widnes — St Helens

via Farnworth, Clock Face.
All times in printable A4 PDF format

Service revised from 8th May 2018

Monday to Saturday daytime: joint service with Arriva every 20 minutes.

Halton day, week and student tickets now valid on Arriva service 17 and Merseytravel-supported service 17 [evenings and Sundays] between Widnes and St Helens. (Merseytravel journeys have been revised from January 2017)

26 26A

Widnes — Cronton (circular)

via Ditton, Hough Green, Cronton, Lunt's Heath, Halton View, The HIVE.
Monday to Saturday timetable

Monday to Saturday daytime: every hour.

Service 26A operates anticlockwise, i.e. the reverse of the route described above.

27 27A

Weates Close — Widnes — West Bank

via Bancroft Road, Halton View.

Complete timetable from 21st May 2018

Service revised from 21st May 2018

Daily: every hour.

Some journeys Monday to Friday operate as service 27A via Appleton Village. New evening and Sunday service for Weates Close and Bancroft Road.

Service further revised from 21st May 2018: Monday to Friday mid-afternoon journeys retimed


Widnes — Liverpool

via Farnworth, Rainhill, Whiston Hospital, Huyton, Wavertree.

All times in PDF format

Service revised from 22nd October 2018

Monday to Saturday daytime: every 30 minutes between Halton Hospital, Widnes and Liverpool. Services other than Monday to Friday peak hours now terminate at Queen Square in Liverpool.

Sunday daytime service extended since September 2018 to operate hourly between Halton Hospital and Liverpool with early morning journeys between Prescot and Liverpool


Halton Hospital — Widnes

via Cenotaph, Runcorn High Street.

For times see service 61/61A combined timetables linked above.

New hourly evening service between Halton Hospital and Widnes with connections to and from Liverpool.

Monday to Saturday daytime: See service 61 for through service between Halton Hospital and Liverpool via Huyton.

62 62A 62C

Halebank — Warrington

via Chesnut Lodge, Green Oaks, Runcorn, Shopping City, Murdishaw, Sandymoor, Moore [service 62], Sci-Tech Daresbury [service 62A only], Stockton Heath [62C via Chester Road].

New timetable in booklet A5 format

Timetable revised from 23rd April 2019.
Most journeys from Halebank terminating at Shopping City to extend to Sandymoor.
Off-peak frequency reduced.
All 62A journeys to serve Manor Park industrial area.
62C journeys operate via Chester Road in Warrington, not Wilderspool Causeway.

Monday to Saturday daytime: every hour between Halebank and Warrington [every 20 minutes between Halebank and Sandymoor] via Widnes and Runcorn. Enhanced peak time service to and from Warrington.

Hourly Sunday daytime service 62 between Halebank and Warrington via Widnes, Runcorn and Sandymoor.

In the weekday morning peak one bus each hour operates from Warrington via Sci-Tech Daresbury as service 62A. In the afternoon peak one bus each hour operates via Sci-Tech Daresbury towards Warrington as service 62A. These 62A journeys do not serve Moore.

See also service 14A which provides extra daytime journeys between Chesnut Lodge and Windmill Hill via Castlefields and Murdishaw.


Warrington — Widnes

via Penketh and Halton View.

Service withdrawn from 21st October 2018

Service withdrawn. A later service now operates on 62 from Warrington to Widnes via Runcorn.


Runcorn Station (Picow Farm Road) — Daresbury Sci-Tech

via Astmoor, Windmill Hill, Murdishaw, Whitehouse, Preston Brook, Daresbury Park. Returning via Manor Park, Murdishaw and Windmill Hill.

All times in printable A4 PDF format

Service revised from 25th April 2016

Monday to Friday: Frequent service early morning and evening. Hourly frequency off-peak.

Service frequency and journey times have been altered to improve punctuality.