Heidi McLeish!

Last updated 1st January 2014

I'm Heidi McLeish.  I attend a performing arts college.  I love dance and drama and anything to do with music/performing.  I attend dance classes several times a week.  My favourite style of dance is contemporary, but I also do Ballet, Modern, Tap, Lyrical, Jazz, Disco, Latin, Greek, Character and several styles of National dance. 

I have completed some of my LAMDA exams and enter a lot of dance competitions and festivals.  My favourite performances were at Disneyland Paris and dancing with Young Performers at Her Majesty's Theatre in London.  I won the All Rounder dance award at the British Arts finals and have choreographed a winning team in a school dance competition. 

I have also loved performing in Pantomime at the Wilde Theatre,South Hill Park in Bracknell.