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Hay Fever & Sinus Relief (Non Drowsy)

Hay Fever & Sinus Relief

This herbal medicine contains an extremely active and effective formula for the symptomatic relief of catarrh, sinus congestion and hay fever. The ingredients contain anti-catarrhal and antiseptic properties helping the body to resist infection. Garlic also has anti-histaminic properties to relieve hay fever and allergies.

Pack Sizes: 36's and 42's

Prices: 36's £3.49; 42's £3.99

Ingredients: Echinacea, Elder Flowers, Garlic

Dosage: Adults and the elderly: Take 2 tablets three times daily after meals Children 5 years and over: Take 1 tablet three times daily after meals

Warnings: Not to be taken during the first 4 months of pregnancy



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