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7 May 2003


Herbal Concepts Ltd was founded in 1999 and manufactures a range of licensed herbal medicines for the treatment of everyday illnesses and complaints.

The Herbal Concepts team were brought together by a shared desire to give consumers the opportunity to choose a more traditional, natural method of looking after their health and well being, by opting for safe and effective herbal treatments for everyday complaints.

Whilst herbal medicines have been available for many centuries, in more recent years they have only been available to consumers from specialist shops or from practising therapists. Many herbal treatments have only been available as individual ingredients, requiring practicing herbalists to formulate specific treatments for individual complaints.

Herbal Concepts' philosophy is to make self-treatment with herbal medicines simple, safe, widely available and of maximum benefit to the consumer. That way, we each have the opportunity to make a personal choice about our health and the treatments we use for everyday complaints and allergies.

Herbal Concepts has a research and development team including chemists, pharmacists and medical experts working on their medicines, which are licensed by the Medicines Control Agency for proven efficacy. Supporting them is a management team whose experience has included working on many of today's most familiar OTC and healthcare brands.


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