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7 May 2003


20% of young people who do suffer do not take treatment

The school test season is fast approaching and whatever their thoughts are on the current debate about the national SATs tests, most parents will be keen for their children to do well.

Unfortunately, the hay fever season has already arrived and will stay with us throughout the Spring and Summer months, causing symptoms that can lead to broken concentration in class and time off school for many children.

BMRB International carried out a survey of 612 seven to eighteen year olds looking at the incidence and effects of hay fever on that age-group and found that 23% of the total sample (equivalent to approx 2,100,313 7-18 year olds in the population*) do suffer with hay fever.

24% of those that did suffer with hay fever had symptoms that were severe enough to keep them away from school or miss out on school activities, or both. A figure indicating that over half a million children in Great Britain* could be missing out on school or activities because of their hay fever symptoms. In addition, 36% of hay fever sufferers said that they thought their performance at school had been affected by their suffering.

Surprisingly, however, the survey also found that 20% of those children that said they did suffer from hay fever did not take any medicine for it, ie. hay fever treatments.

The Survey was carried out by BMRB International on behalf of Herbal Concepts, who produce a licensed herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of hay fever, catarrh and sinus congestion.

Michael van Straten, a leading complementary therapist who has written numerous books and articles on the benefits of herbal medicine says "It is possible that many parents, and children themselves, are concerned about taking medicines for hay fever on a regular basis because of the possible side effects of conventional medicines. But there is no reason for children to suffer, miss lessons or activities or lose concentration in exams. There are proven safe and effective alternative medicines, such as Herbal Concepts Hay Fever & Sinus Relief, which has no side effects for the majority of people." (More information about Michael van Straten...)

Dr John Guy OBE, Principal of The Sixth Form College, Farnborough, Hampshire, will be commenting on the importance of good school attendance at the press briefing on 7th May. (More information about Dr John Guy...)

* Based on population figures from the 2001 Census, Office for National Statistics www.statistics.gov.uk/census2001


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