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October 2000: An effective natural treatment for winter respiratory problems now available

For people with respiratory problems such as asthma, or any of us suffering catarrh from that inevitable winter cough and cold, things are made even worse with the breathing problems caused by poor air quality during the winter months.

Now there is an alternative natural treatment you can buy over the counter from your pharmacist that deals effectively with these symptoms without the use of chemical or prescription drugs. Herbal Concepts has a range of herbal medicines to relieve respiratory conditions such as asthma, catarrh and sinus problems. The active ingredients of these medicines include Echinacea, Elderflower, Lobelia and Liquorice, all used traditionally by herbalists to treat these conditions.

All Herbal Concepts medicines are licensed and packaged in specific treatment courses. This, combined with the clear labelling and dosage instructions makes it easy to identify the medicine you need and ensures self-treatment is simple, safe and of maximum benefit.


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