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September 2000: New herbal medicine that effectively aids weight loss from Herbal Concepts

If you want that slender look in time for all the pre-Christmas parties, but want to do it gently and healthily, then Herbal Concepts Weight Loss Aid is the answer.

Herbal Concepts is one of the UK's leading herbal medicine companies - all their products are licensed for proven medical effectiveness, so you can be sure the treatment is simple, safe and of maximum benefit.

The Weight Loss Aid is a natural herbal medicine that aids weight reduction as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

The active ingredients include Dandelion and Kelp, traditionally used by herbalists to treat obesity. These herb extracts have a gentle stimulating effect on your metabolic system, especially the liver and thyroid gland, helping your body to work harder to lose weight. Dandelion also has a mild diuretic effect.

Unlike some chemical diet aids, Herbal Concepts Weight Loss Aid - and herbal medicines in general - have no side effects for most people. However this Weight Loss Aid should not be given to anyone under 16 years old and you should not use it if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


For further information, email us or telephone 01296 689045.


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