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Our website will be updated shortly to reflect our new packaging.

Herbal Concepts products are available in selected chemists and health food stores across the UK.

Product details:

Indigestion Relief

Chesty Cough Relief and Tickly Cough & Sore Throat Relief

Asthma & Catarrh Relief

Weight Loss Aid

Hay Fever & Sinus Relief (Non Drowsy)

Rheumatic Pain Relief

Backache Relief

Period Pain Relief and Menopause Relief

Tension & Strain Relief, Daily Fatigue Relief and Overwork & Mental Fatigue Relief

Wind & Dyspepsia Relief and Laxative Tablets


We offer a range of herbal medicines for people looking for a safe, natural alternative to chemical based drugs, that will treat effectively many everyday complaints and allergies.

Our medicines are packaged in specific treatment courses. So rather than having to buy individual ingredients for self-treatment, the most effective combination of plant extracts is readily available. This make self-treatment simple, safe and of maximum benefit. All Herbal Concepts medicines are clearly labelled to show which condition they will relieve and carry precise dosage instructions.

All medicines including herbals must be licensed by the Department of Health. A licence is only granted if a product meets approved standards regarding safety, efficacy and quality. All Herbal Concepts products meet these standards. Many popular unlicensed "natural remedies" cannot guarantee that such standards have been met. Herbal medicines are also known for being generally free from any side effects for most people.

We have a range of medicines able to treat gynaecological conditions, rheumatic pain, digestive disorders, bronchial and sinus problem, stress and overwork.

Watch this page for new product details

Additional medicines for the relief of chesty and dry coughs and sore throats will be available from Herbal Concepts soon.

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