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Herbal Concepts Limited is a Company formed to develop traditional herbal remedies into licensed products presenting them in a format recognisable to the majority to OTC medicine purchasers.

Bringing OTC expertise to the OTC market, key personnel in HCL have proven record in innovative development of product in the OTC arena. This expertise is transferred not only into presentation of a credible range of current products but developing a new and next generation range of products to enhance and grow the herbal category.

Herbal Concepts recognises that whilst the market is growing, the potential for real growth and wider recognition is much greater. The need for innovation is vital to its growth.

Bringing a fresh approach to the herbal remedy market

  • Licensed herbal products competing in conventional major OTC categories
  • Product description which the consumer readily understands
  • Product description which clearly shows what it alleviates or relieves
  • All pack sizes are designed to offer a realistic course of treatment
  • A planned and strategic development plan designed to bring new and next generation products to the market place
  • An above the line support programme to create awareness and gain trial

For more information

For more information on Herbal Concepts products including trade prices e-mail sales@herbal-concepts.co.uk.

Free promotional material

We have leaflets for consumers which we can send to you free of charge.

Telephone: 01296 689045
E-mail: contactus@herbal-concepts.co.uk

Our wholesalers

If you prefer to deal with wholesalers, these are the Companies we deal with:

Sigma Maltbys Tree Of Life
Tel: 0800 597 4462
Fax: 0800 597 4439
Tel: 01522 889889
Fax: 01522 889555
Tel: 01782 567100
Fax: 01782 567199
E-mail: telesales@tol-europe.com

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