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Latest Broadband News - Last Updates 13th April 2006

1 New Broadband Stories

new broadband story Iceland comes first in broadband

Iceland is most web-savvy country, with a study showing it has the highest concentration of broadband users.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found that broadband was also widespread in South Korea, the Netherlands and Denmark.

But the US still has the most broadband users, with more than 49 million.

Carphone Warehouse takes wraps off 'free' broadband

Carphone Warehouse has put an end to speculation on its free broadband product by revealing what it calls 'free broadband forever'.

For £9.99 a month and an additional £11 line rental, Carphone customers will get free local and national calls within the UK; free landline calls to 28 foreign countries including Australia and the US; as well as up to 8Mbps broadband.

Those signing up to the package will also need to pay a one-off connection charge of £29.99.

Rumours about the promised 'free' service had raised expectations that it would be priced at £4.99 a month, rising to £14.99 a month after three months.

Pipex unveils plans for UK wireless broadband service

UK ISP Pipex is hooking up with Intel to launch a wireless broadband service in the UK's major metropolitan areas, starting with London and Manchester.
Pipex is already running trials of its WiMAX service with Airspan Networks at the US-based firm's test facility in Stratford-upon-Avon. Now it's launched a joint venture with Intel Capital - the chip maker's venture capital VC outfit - to create Pipex Wireless. As apart of the deal, Pipex has transferred its entire 3.6GHz UK spectrum license to the new wireless business.

Intel pours £14m into Pipex broadband

INTEL, the world's biggest computer chip maker, is backing British telecoms group Pipex to the tune of $25m (£14.4m) to roll out a wireless broadband service across the country's 10 largest cities.

Verizon Wireless Extends Wireless Broadband Network

Verizon Wireless today announced its expansion of two wide-area wireless broadband services, BroadbandAccess and V CAST, to San Benito County in Northern California. With today's expansion, Verizon Wireless customers can enjoy the benefits of true mobility on the nation's largest high-speed wireless broadband network while traveling throughout the Greater Bay Area and Sacramento, and as far south as Hollister, San Juan Bautista, and Tres Pinos.

Can In2TV "broadband television" fuel new growth for AOL?

Not too long ago, AOL seemed unbeatable, with hundreds of thousands of new dial-up Internet users flocking to the service every month.  Today, with dial-up becoming deadweight, the former "America Online" is realizing - perhaps too late - that it has missed the broadband wagon.  With a dwindling subscriber base, the company now finds itself struggling to locate new growth areas.  In2TV - in effect, a rerun service for the Web - could reverse this trend.

BT to launch broadband TV in autumn

Telecoms firm BT has announced that its foray in to broadband TV services will start with a vengeance in the autumn.
The service will combine digital terrestrial TV with on-demand film, TV and music programming, and is being touted as a world first.

AOL, Warner Bros. Launch Broadband TV Network

American Online and Warner Bros. this morning announced that the two firms are collaborating to launch a new, broadband television network, In2TV.

Germany preps 50 Mbit broadband

Deutsche Telekom, parent company of T-Mobile USA, announced that it will begin installing VDSL2 broadband across Germany and will have the technology available in ten metropolitan areas by the end of this year. VDSL2 will offer download speeds of up to 50 Mb/s and uploads of up to 10 Mb/s. Deutsche Telekom said that the network will deliver about 100 free and premium TV channels to customers.

BT set to quadruple UK broadband speeds this month

BT will be able to supply millions of UK homes and businesses with broadband at speeds up to 8Mbps from the end of this month. The telco announced on Thursday that faster broadband services will be available from 31 March. They are based on ADSL Max, which uses existing DSL standards with all rate limitations removed. This offers a much faster downlink speed than BT's current ADSL products, which have been rate limited since the service was launched.

UK broadband digital divide getting worse

The UK's broadband 'digital divide', defined as the gap between the fast internet haves and have-nots, is deeper than was thought and may be getting even deeper, newly published research has revealed. Full Story

Disney Launches Broadband Channel for Preschoolers

Wald Disney Co., on Tuesday launched an online subscription service aimed at preschool children, completing its plan for what a Disney executive called, an online theme park. Full Story

BT turns to Bob the Builder to fix its broadband TV launch

BT has signed up the children's TV favourite Bob the Builder for its new television service, which is launching this autumn. It will announce tomorrow that three more content partners will offer their programmes for the video-on-demand service.

Murdoch: DirecTV Eyes Broadband

Last week, several analysts were questioning whether or not DirecTV Inc.’s apparent plans to enter the wireless high-speed Internet market, in order to compete with cable’s bundled services, was a good strategy.

Sanyo to offer new Wireless Broadband

The Japanese company Sanyo has announced this week its plans to bring a new wireless broadband system to the U.S. market. Full Story  

United Utilities to sell Broadband Firm

United Utilities has announced plans to speed up the sale of its telecommunications arm ‘Your Communications’, which provides broadband access in Cumbria. The firm, which also provides fixed phone line services for businesses in the North West, recorded a loss of £11.8m in the 6 months to October.

Broadband growth in Europe set to plateau

Broadband growth across Europe is expected to falter at about 60 per cent, according to analysts Datamonitor.
In its latest report, 'Consumer broadband markets: approaching maturity?', the company predicts that in the next 18 to 24 months the aggressive pace of broadband adoption across Europe will follow a similar pattern to the uptake of dial-up and begin to plateau.

Firefox web-browser for quicker broadband

Firefox has an amazing amount of surfers who us their browser for quicker broadband use and has very effective functions to make a better internet experience, if your still using MS Internet Explorer try Firefox to see if it works better for you.

BBC look to team up with Google with Broadband TV

BBC said it intends to partner with sites like Google and Autonomy in this effort. It is also updating its websites tinclude more broadband content next year.


AOL to rent out Warner movies via broadband

AOL, the internet company, is to launch a broadband film-rental service next year, offering a range of movies from its sister company Warner Bros. The initial selection is likely to include Batman Begins and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. AOL intends to expand the choice available steadily, eventually adding films from other studios.

Broadband, Television, and Celebrity Involvement Contribute to the Promotion the Online Gambling Industry

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Online Gambling: Bet, Call Or Fold to their offering. Fueled by the growth of broadband connectivity, television coverage of poker and a healthy slice of celebrity involvement, online gambling is quickly moving from the fringes to the mainstream. Of course, in many countries, it is still illegal.

Broadband & beyond conference highlights WiMAX technology

Motorola's vision is to make the internet more accessible and mobile through the introduction of MOTOwi4 - wireless broadband for fixed, nomadic, and mobile networks.

Broadband takes BBC into new territory

The internet is on the cusp of "web 2.0" - or at least it is if the BBC has anything to say about it. The British television network is drawing much attention these days for its innovative approach to interactive broadband TV and internet content.

AOL to Stream Broadband Reruns

Wonder Woman, Epstein and Chico will soon be together on one screen, and it’s not the latest version of The Surreal Life. Rather, America Online is launching an online classic broadband TV network, In2TV, featuring 30 series from sibling Warner Bros.’ library, ranging from off-net sitcoms and dramas to animation.

Rural broadband gets cash boost

Broadband access in South West England is to increase from 99% to 99.99% following a £1.3m cash injection.
The South West Regional Development Agency (RDA) is investing the money to upgrade 19 rural telephone exchanges.
The money will mean outlying businesses will be able to get access to high-speed internet connections.

BT losing ground in fight for broadband customers

BT SOUGHT yesterday to play down the threat of new competitors such as BSkyB despite its share of new broadband customers slipping to the lowest level in nearly a year.

BT’s retail business, which is relying on “new wave” services such as broadband to offset the decline in traditional calls, won just 27 per cent of new broadband connections in the quarter to September 30. The figure represents a one percentage point drop on the previous quarter and a five percentage point drop compared with the fourth quarter of last year.

Google guru calls Ireland a slowcoach

The“father of the internet” says Ireland is adopting broadband communications far too slowly and has called for urgent government action to address the problem.
Vint Cerf, employed by Google as a globetrotting “internet evangelist”, says Irish people are not getting the full benefits of being online because of the lack of high-speed internet access.

BT boosts broadband across the UK

British Telecom has confirmed that it is to launch new higher speed wholesale broadband services across the UK. Services of up to up to 8Mbit/s will eventually be available.
BT confirmed that the BT ADSL Max and BT ADSL Max Premium broadband services will be launched on a national basis from 31 March this year. More than 5300 exchanges are being upgraded to support higher speed broadband, with these exchanges serving more than 99.6 per cent of UK homes and businesses.

EC approves plans for broadband aid in Wales

The European Commission (EC) has given the go-ahead for plans by the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) to wire up 14 Welsh business parks in North Wales with broadband.
Due to their remote locations, these business parks are without broadband. But thanks to a scheme called "FibreSpeed Wales", the WDA is looking to hire a wholesale operator to construct an open, carrier-neutral, fibre-optic network linking all 14 business parks

Verizon Inks Broadband, VOD Deal with Disney

Verizon is offering its broadband and FIOS TV on-demand customers a slate of content from ABC News, Disney Online, ESPN and The online programming includes live video news feeds, live sports events and children's entertainment. Later this year, SOAPNETIC, a broadband service from SOAPnet, will be added to the Verizon lineup.

Sky launches film download site

Sky by Broadband provides 200 films free to digital subscribers, although they must have a broadband connection and a PC using Microsoft Windows XP. The company says it hopes to supply more than 1,000 films from Sky Movies' back catalogue through broadband. Full story

Scotland moves closer to broadband capacity

Some 51,000 households in remote Scottish communities now have access to broadband, putting Scotland’s availability on a par with the rest of the UK. Full story

Microsoft and BSkyB bid for broadband dominance

Software giants Microsoft and satellite broadcaster BsykB have announced a major tie-up in a bid to secure dominance of the burgeoning broadband video market. Microsoft is to join Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB in developing a video-on-demand (VoD) service for the software giant’s Media Centre users. Full story

Carphone is ready for the broadband battle Charles Dunstone, the founder of Carphone Warehouse, is gearing up for the fight of his life as he takes his company into the increasingly competitive broadband market in the UK and pursues his aim of becoming the number one competitor to BT in the residential market. Full Story

Telewest tops JD Power Broadband ISP Chart
Telewest has topped a list of the UK's six leading broadband ISPs while NTL - the cableco that is currently in the process of buying Telewest - came last in the 2005 UK Residential Broadband Internet Service Providers Satisfaction Study by JD Power and Associates. Full Story

Broadband Video Continues Ascent
The worldwide broadband video market is booming and set to explode over the next several years.
As consumers continue to clamor for more content over the Internet, growth is expected to reach $16 billion through the end of the decade, according to ABI Research. Full Story

CNN Pipeline: In High Definition

CNN Pipeline will be broadband-cast in high-definition, Broadcasting & Cable says. Pipeline's Atlanta control room is all HD -- a first for CNN. "Sony's MVS-8000 Series production switcher, a Leitch HD video server and HD graphics will all be used to deliver content" to Pipeline's fully produced "channel one" stream. "Original content for Pipeline will be shot in HD, with the use of Sony HDV and HDCAM gear in the field and Sony HDC-930 cameras for the studio portion.

BT wins NHS Scotland broadband contract

UK telecoms giant BT Group PLC has won a six-year, multi-million pound contract to build a national broadband network for Scotland's National Health Service.
BT, which has already signed a similar deal with the NHS in England, said it would assume responsibility for the integration and overall service performance of a broadband network across Scottish hospitals.

UK Online launches 22Mb!!! broadband in the UK

The race to offer broadband internet users even faster connection speeds took a turn for the better today with the announcement that UK Online, the UK ISP based in Somerset is to offer the first national unlimited broadband service at up to 22Mb. learn more

Wanadoo launches unbundled broadband

Competition in the UK's broadband market is growing, with several ISPs gearing up to install their own kit in BT's local exchanges.
Wanadoo announced on Tuesday that it is now offering its own broadband services in Leeds, after unbundling 16 exchanges. This allows customers in the area to buy an 8Mbps service from Wanadoo. This is four times as fast as BT's own broadband, which Wanadoo will continue to sell.

Broadband: Speed up your Net life

If You are a heavy Internet surfer or you want to install a webcam at home to keep a tab on the goings-on while you are at work, then broadband is for you. The the good news is, your phone line will be free even as you remain connected to the Internet, something that is not possible with a dial-up connection. If you are wondering whether broadband is unaffordable, think again please take a look around our site we display the best up to date offers from broadband providers.

TM buys 49 percent in Spice for USD 179 million

Telekom Malaysia has confirmed it is buying a 49 percent stake in Indian mobile operator Spice Communications. Spice has operations in two of India's most lucrative telecom regions, Punjab and Karnataka, with a combined subscriber base of 1.8 million as of February 2006. The acquisition complements TM's existing operations in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Intel speeds up Wimax plan

Intel says it will bring forward the rollout of its new scheme for long-range wireless internet access. Cards allowing access to Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) are now expected to be available this year.
Wimax is billed as a successor to the much shorter range wi-fi technology.
Whereas wi-fi range can be measured in yards, Wimax could potentially reach a few kilometres in cities and 16km (10 miles) in open country.

HFCL ties with Star TV for content for Broadband service

Connect Broadband service, a wholly owned subsidiary of HFCL Infotel, on Thursday announced its strategic tie-up with Star India Private Limited to carry its content on former's broadband services in Punjab.
This will be a step forward towards triple play by telecom operators offering voice, data and cable on a single line. "This partnership will enable both the brands to provide digital content and other IP-based services such as Video-on-demand, pay-per-view and others that will enrich the customer experience like never before in the Indian market." Full Story

Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc. Announces Plans to Acquire Broadband Horizons

Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc., a fully reporting public corporation, announced today that the company has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to purchase all of the assets of Broadband Horizons, a Texas-based company that provides Broadband via Powerline (BPL) services, as well as offers consulting and engineering support for BPL systems.
Under the terms of this MOU, Gridline will merge the entire operation of Broadband Horizons into Gridline. Full Story

BSkyB declares Easynet offer unconditional, has 83.9%

On 6 January, UK broadcasting company BSkyB declared its offer for UK-based pan-European broadband ISP Easynet unconditional in all respects. The directors of BSkyB are pleased to announce that all of the conditions of the offer have now been satisfied or waived. Full story

Phone wars make way for broadband battles
On a business trip to London in August, Jeff Pulver was blocked from making an Internet phone call over the broadband connection in his hotel room. He had no trouble using that same line to connect with his cable TV box back home in New York to watch live American television. Full Story

UK leads broadband stakes in Europe

LONDON - Broadband industry analyst, Point Topic reported yesterday that Britain now has the largest number of broadband users in Europe overtaking France with 9.8 million users. Full Story

FG hits out at Irish broadband demise

FINE GAEL has branded the Government’s broadband policy as a failure and called for new legislation to ensure adequate broadband access nationwide.
Party communications spokesman Bernard Durkan said concerns about the lack of high-speed broadband are well placed. Full story

Broadband will take-off this year

Telecom, a critical infrastructure for economic growth of the country continued to show up an impressive performance in 2005. India continued to startle the world by providing world-class digital mobile services at the most affordable tariffs in the world. Full story

BBC Two. First to go broadband.

The controller of BBC Two has said he wants it to be the first mainstream TV channel to appear on broadband.
Roly Keating revealed his vision of an online BBC Two mixing "simulcast programming" and "comprehensive catch-up" in a speech to TV executives. He said the channel would be "in the front line" of launching on broadband. A pilot will be unveiled next year along with further trials of MyBBCPlayer, which will allow viewers to legally download BBC programmes.

Bulldog sets sights on business broadband

The Cable & Wireless subsidiary will launch more small business services next year, as it looks to put this year's disasters behind it. Communications operator Bulldog is planning a new assault on the UK's small business sector. It announced the creation of a new division, called Bulldog Business, on Wednesday. New services for business customers are due to launch in 2006, starting with a broadband service for small businesses.

Failing Britain's business broadband users

Businesses are not getting full value from the high-speed broadband networks at their disposal. It is high time someone helped them. Running a small business has always been a white-knuckle ride. Never having enough resources, fighting for every deal, juggling staffing issues and always aware that a couple of missed payments could send you straight into the poorhouse.In this environment, it is no wonder that few SMEs have got around to giving broadband their full attention.

Broadband service ready to board more corporate jets

Executives who travel on corporate jets may soon be finding in-flight high-speed Internet a common feature. Only Annapolis, Md.-based Arinc is on the market now with a broadband service for corporate jets. But competition is set to intensify in 2006.

AOL gets its broadband unbundled

AOL has emulated rivals Wanadoo and Tiscali and placed its first LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) orders with BT.
It has already begun a small trial in London but the number of exchanges and locations that the ISP plans to unbundle is not known. The move to LLU was not unexpected as AOL has been dropping hints for some time and it will enable it to offer both faster and cheaper services.

Definition of Broadband

High-speed transmission. The term is commonly used to refer to Internet access via cable modems or DSL, which is faster than dial-up. For years, "broadband" has referred to a higher-speed connection, but the actual speed threshold has varied.

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