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What does 'Switching' from broadband mean ?

Switching is where you change to another broadband service provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you can also upgrade your broadband speed/package/option at the same time. Please note your new broadband supplier may charge a fee for upgrades,extras etc so be sure to check.

Switching from cable broadband to ADSL broadband.

If you wish to switch from a cable broadband service to an ADSL broadband service, you will need: * an active BT line.

> A new modem which is fully compatible with an ADSL connection. Please Note. Cable modems cannot be used with the ADSL connection.

> There may be additional equipment required, e.g. a USB connection or Ethernet connection, microfilter, router, etc.

How long could I be without an internet connection ?

As BT and cable lines can run simultaneously, you will be able to keep your cable line connected until your new ADSL broadband service is activated. This will avoid any internet service loss during the switching process.

How long will it take to install ADSL broadband ?

It may take around 10-15 days to install a new ADSL service. Your introductory start up package will be sent directly to your home or business and the connection will be directly activated by the broadband provider.

Switching from ADSL broadband to cable broadband.

Your cable provider will supply all the equipment that you will need to run cable broadband from your home computer. You must ensure your computer will match the required specifications.

Currently there are not direct procedures to switch from ADSL to cable. Rather than using a phone line this type of switch uses a different type of cable which runs into your home. The switching process will not affect your current phone service and you can keep your BT phone line and number activated.

During the switching process to cable broadband.

> You should check your tersm and conditions of your current contract and cancel your connection/subscription with your current ADSL broadband provider.

> Cable broadband can take upto 3 to 4 weeks to be installed.

> A cable broadband engineer will come out to your home and install your broadband equipments there any downtime ?

As cable and BT lines can run simultaneously, you are able to keep your ADSL line running until your new cable broadband has been installed. This will avoid any service loss during switching.

Switching to another ADSL broadband provider

When you switch to a new ADSL broadband provider your BT phone line will not be affected and, you will keep the same phone number.

Here's what is required:

> A standard BT ADSL connection.

> Your own individual MAC code, which you can get from your current broadband provider.

How do you migrate to a new broadband provider ?

> Check the terms and conditions of your current contract with your broadband provider.

> Call your current provider and inform them that you would like to switch to another broadband provider and ask for your individual MAC code.

> Contact your new broadband provider and give them your MAC code and previous broadband provider's details.

> Your new broadband provider will then contact your old broadband provider and BT to arrange the transfer of your new service.

How long will I be offline using a MAC code?

You should expect to be without an internet connection for around 30 minutes during the transfer of service.


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