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BT Broadband Overview
BT: one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions. Within the UK, we serve more than 20 million business and residential customers with more than 30 million exchange lines, as well as providing network services to other licensed operators.

BT Total Broadband: a range of high-speed internet access packages, with prices from £9.95 a month for the first three months. All BT Broadband packages offer downloads speeds up to 8Mb and come with some great BT Yahoo! Online features:

ntl Broadband Overview
JULY 2006 2 for £20 July offer New customers can get 1Mb Broadband and Select TV for only £20 per month. Offer expires 31 July 2006. 3 for £30 July offer New customers can get 1Mb Broadband, Select TV and Talk Weekends Phone for £30 per month. Offer expires 31 July 2006. Online order discount New Value Pack customers who order online before 31st July 2006 will receive a £10.00 discount off their first bill!

ntl Broadband ntl is the UK’s leading supplier of Broadband services to consumers with 1.7m customers already using our great value Broadband service. We offer a choice of three speeds to suit customers’ usage with very competitive monthly subscriptions

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Talk Talk Broadband AOL Broadband
Broadband Speeds | Upto 8Mb Broadband Speeds | Upto 8Mb
Package Prices Per Month | N/A Package Prices Per Month | £14.99 | £24.99 | £29.99
Talk Talk Broadband Overview
TalkTalk is the home phone and broadband company from The Carphone Warehouse, which guarantees to be cheaper than BT. Their site has been revamped plus there’s some new products whereby customers can receive up to 8Mb Broadband for FREE.

In addition, Talk Talk broadband has a great offer on now where up to 8Mb Broadband is free when a customer signs up to the Talk3 International tariff. This means a customer joining Talk3 International would enjoy:

> up to 8Mb Broadband FREE
> Unlimited UK landline calls
> Unlimited international calls to 28 countries
> Inclusive calls between all TalkTalk customers
> Talk 3 International £9.99 per month plus £11 line rental
> Guaranteed that your bills will be cheaper than BT

AOL Broadband Overview
AOL is one of the world’s largest and most trusted Internet Services providers. 33 million customers worldwide already connect to the Internet through AOL’s dial-up and Broadband services. We offer our customers a wide range of content including news, entertainment, sport and exclusive music sessions as well as a range of online tools that enable them to do more online.

AOL Broadband offers for July 2006:
> AOL Broadband with FREE wireless router - worth over £55
plus p&p
> AOL Broadband from just £14.99 a month - every month
> Order online and get 1 month FREE
New offer positioning:
> Receive a FREE wireless router, worth over £55 plus p&p - when you sign up to any > AOL Broadband package
> AOL Silver - up to 1Mbps download - just £14.99 a month, every month
> AOL Gold - up to 2Mbps download - just £24.99 a month
> AOL Platinum - up to 8Mbps download - just £29.99 a month

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