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BT Broadband 8MB/2GB - £9.95* Per Month...

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BT - AOL - NTL - Telewest

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TalkTalk 8MG/40GB*


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Everything you need for Wi-Fi Internet...

Welcome to the Wi-Fi Resource Centre, your essential information hub for free and cheap Wi-Fi, high-speed internet, wireless (WiMax, Wi-Fi) internet, voice-over-internet protocal (VOIP), business broadnband and special Wi-Fi offers and deals. We provide information for all major Wi-Fi providers along with useful links and Wi-Fi connection tools.

With more and more wi-fi hotspots being set up people are able to browse the internet almost anywhere. Here you can browse a selection of wi-fi resources and learn how it works.

Price Comparison of Major UK Wi-Fi Providers

Service Speed Price Limit
BT Wi-Fi 8MB** £9.95* 2GB
BT Wi-Fi 8MB** £14.99* 6GB
BT Wi-Fi 8MB** £22.99* 40GB
AOL Wi-Fi 1MB** £14.99 None
AOL Wi-Fi 2MB** £24.99 None
AOL Wi-Fi 8MB** £29.99 None
NTL Wi-Fi 1MB** £8.99* None
NTL Wi-Fi 4MB** £12.49* None
NTL Wi-Fi 10MB** £17.49* None
Telewest Wi-Fi 2MB** £8.99* None
Telewest Wi-Fi 4MB** £12.50* None
Telewest Wi-Fi 10MB** £17.50* None
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Last Updated: 30 August 2006
*Introductory Rate
**Theoretical connection speed

Free Wi-Fi

Service Speed Price Limit
TalkTalk 8MB* £FREE* 40GB

Is free Wi-Fi internet really free? Find out in our guide to understanding free Wi-Fi offers.

Latest Wi-Fi News

Mobile Phone Network Operators React to WiFi Threat

Mobile phone network operators are responding to the competitive threat of free WiFi Latest News about WiFi, progressively adding new technologies to their networks to improve the wireless coverage they offer, according to new research.

Small cellular base stations designed for use in residential or corporate environments, called femtocells, are being adopted by operators with "great enthusiasm" out of fear of free WiFi offerings.

Network providers believe the technology will increase network efficiency and reduce loss of customers. It will also improve in-building wireless service, and give them the ability to build platforms upon which fixed-mobile convergence services can be realized.


Source: TechNewsWorld
September 09, 2006, 17:50 BST

T-Mobile Testing Cell-to-WiFi Service

T-Mobile is working on a new service that will allow customers to use one phone that will switch between cell and WiFi networks, T-Mobile At Home (TAH). T-Mobile’s product testing company, Centercode, has started tests on their upcoming TAH service.

TAH is a wireless router-type device that broadcasts GSM and does VoIP through your broadband connection. More...

Source: SDAIndia
September 09, 2006, 17:52 BST

What a scandal: the truth about British Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi market is in chaos. Stewart Mitchell investigates an industry rife with spurious claims and mis-selling

The state of Britain’s Wi-Fi internet is “scandalous” and “impossible”, say leading media commentators. They insist it is a delinquent industry full of half truths, broken promises and strong-arm tactics. Products are described as “free” when they are not, “unlimited” when they are not and “high-speed” when they are far from it.

Of half a dozen internet service providers (ISPs) tested in the evening peak during July and August, none came close to delivering the new target for high-speed internet — 8 megs (the informal abbreviation for Mbps, the unit by which the transfer of Wi-Fi data across a phone line is measured). The highest speed achieved was 2.52 megs (see graphic, above). More...

Source: Times Online
August 27, 2006

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Choosing a Wi-Fi provider...

You may find yourself asking 'Who is the best Wi-Fi provider?, the answer to that question depends on a couple of factors combined with your monthly budget for internet connection. Check out our guide on choosing or switching to a Wi-Fi provider.

VOIP (Skype etc.)

Explore Voice-Over-Internet-Protocal (VOIP) and how you can use your computer and a Wi-Fi internet connection to make calls and communicate with others. You could literally eliminate your telephone bill! Learn more...


Wireless internet technology has really taken off in the business and home, allowing you to share your internet connection with different computers very conveniently. Further more, Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK are in the thousands and city wide wireless access is just a few years away. More on Wi-Fi...

Wi-Fi Statistics

An estimated 13.9 million households (57 per cent) in Great Britain could access the Internet from home between January and April 2006. This is an increase of 2.9 million households (26 per cent) since 2002, and 0.6 million (5 per cent) over the last year. Including Northern Ireland, the number of households with Internet access in the United Kingdom in 2006 was 14.3 million. The region with the highest percentage of households with Internet access was the South East with 66 per cent. The area with the lowest access level was Scotland with 48 per cent.

Sixty nine per cent of households with Internet access had a Wi-Fi connection. Access was highest in London where 78 per cent of households with Internet access had a Wi-Fi connection (49 per cent of all households in the London region). Northern Ireland had the lowest proportion of households with a Wi-Fi connection at 56 per cent (28 per cent of all Northern Ireland households).

Also published today is the latest update to the quarterly index of Internet Connectivity. This release, which measures the change in the level of all business and household connections to the Internet, shows that in June 2006, Wi-Fi connections formed 72.6 per cent of all Internet connections. More from National Statistics.

Source: National Statistics Omnibus Survey, Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey and Survey of Internet Service Provider
23 August 2006 at 9:30 am

Wi-Fi Tools

Check out a full range of comprehensive Wi-Fi tools such as speed / connection testers and Wi-Fi availability checkers. Visit our Wi-Fi Tools page.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi was developed to be used for mobile computing devices, such as laptops, in LANs, but is now increasingly used for more applications, including Internet and VoIP phone access, gaming, and basic connectivity of consumer electronics such as televisions and DVD players, or digital cameras. There are even more standards in development that will allow Wi-Fi to be used by cars in highways in support of an Intelligent Transportation System to increase safety, gather statistics, and enable mobile commerce IEEE 802.11p.

A person with a Wi-Fi device, such as a computer, telephone, or personal digital assistant (PDA) can connect to the Internet when in proximity of an access point. The region covered by one or several access points is called a hotspot. Hotspots can range from a single room to many square miles of overlapping hotspots. Wi-Fi can also be used to create a Wireless mesh network. Both architectures are used in Wireless community network, municipal wireless networks like Wireless Philadelphia [1], and metro-scale networks like M-Taipei

Source: Wikipedia.com
August 29, 2006, 09:30 BST

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Wi-Fi Articles and Links

Here is our selection of some of the best Wi-Fi articles and links.

DSLguide.org.uk/" target="_blank">ADSLGuide

The UK's premier guide to Wi-Fi ISPs, technology news and user discussion, which aims to inform people about the issues surrounding ADSL services, and creates a fair atmosphere for comparison between the different providers.

Visit theguide.org.uk/threads.php?Cat=" target="_blank">ADSLGuide forum if you are having trouble with your ISP or wish to comment on a particular service.


Learn about networking and next generation Wi-Fi. Site also contains lots of useful content, comparison and switching wizard.

The Register Wi-Fi News Hub

A plethora of Wi-Fi news and updates....


Find out more about the BBC's own Wi-Fi service, as well as simple guides to explain what Wi-Fi is, what are the benefits and how to get connected.


Up to date information on the best UK Wi-Fi deals and the ability to use our Wi-Fi checker and search for the latest offers.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Locater By Google

Google Maps UK offer a brilliant wi-fi hotspot locater throughout the UK.

Wi-Fi Genie

Compare Wi-Fi providers and find the best Wi-Fi internet packages in the UK at the lowest price with Wi-Fi Genie.


Help and advice getting and using Wi-Fi ADSL for faster Internet in the UK.

Wi-Fi Stakeholder Group

An independent Task Group whose role is to advise government on the development of its Wi-Fi strategy. Wi-Fi reports, recommendations, strategy and updates.

The Wi-Fi Resource

Wi-Fi resource website for the United Kingdom - Details ADSL, SDSL information on an exchange, regional and national basis.

Visit our Wi-Fi Links page for more information.



Want Wi-Fi Advice?

If you would like to speak to someone about Wi-Fi contact our Wi-Fi Support Team.

UK Wi-Fi Resources (Business & Personal)

BT Total Wi-Fi
High speed (up to8Mb/s) ADSL Wi-Fi Internet for home.

Wi-Fi and dial up internet packages.

UK Wi-Fi Cable Internet Access - find out about, Wi-Fi internet access that doesn’t tie up your phone line and offers blistering download speeds.

TalkTalk Wi-Fi - FREE!
Join the Talk3 calling plan and get Free Wi-Fi!

Telewest Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Internet, Digital TV, Phone, Cable ISP, Television and Telephone services...

OnSPEED Wi-Fi Alternative
Transform a narrow band dial up connection to near Wi-Fi speeds!

Bulldog Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi internet access, business telecommunications services, including ADSL, SDSL, and ISDN.

Virgin Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi from £14.99 a month. Up to 8 Mbps. No 12 month contract!

Orange / Wannadoo Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi* for Orange mobile contract customers.

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi and internet access, plus email, sms, webspace.

Wi-Fi, ISDN, hosting services.

Abel Internet
High Speed Wi-Fi Internet Access

UK internet access (with a FIREWALL) with British Telecom's ADSL service for businesses all over the UK.

Advance Internet
Business quality ADSL and SDSL Wi-Fi with First Class UK based after-sales support from the UK's leading ISP for Business

Internet Service Provider for Business.

Providing complete Wi-Fi including 8 megabyte connections, dial-up, telephony, remote backup and plesk hosting packages for the UK.


Excellence in Business Internet Solutions.

Atlas Internet
A specialist tier 2 ISP with a customer service focus second to none.

FreeMAX is an absolute market leader at the moment and has taken the Wi-Fi & Phone bundled product to a new level of value for money and convenience for the user.

High-Speed Internet Access

Internet Services, Internet, Business, Leased Lines, Dial Up, ISDN, ADSL, Wi-Fi, VPN, Virtual Private Netwoks, Global Roaming...

Community Internet
Community Internet delivers tailored secure remote access solutions that ensure your business stays ahead of the rest.

A full range of broandband and voip services.

Internet Protocol (IP) Solutions provider, offering reliable and secure Internet connectivity, engineering and hosting solutions to the business sector.

A full range of Wi-Fi services from this long established provider.

High-speed Wi-Fi access, networks & solutions to Business, Corporate and Public Sector organisations.

Eclipse Internet
The highest quality internet services with reasonable prices backed by a highly resilient core network and dedicated staff.

A full range of Wi-Fi solutions.

a leading UK Business ISP with an emphasis on wholesaling Wi-Fi and connectivity through a network of partners.

Freedom 2 Surf
The company serves a targeted customer base of Internet professionals, at home or in business that appreciate the value of advanced technology, speed and above all reliability in their ISP.

Griffin Internet
Griffin provides managed IP services to business via partners and supplies managed Wi-Fi, connectivity and communications over a voice ready network.

Enjoy the best of everything with Homechoice. Wi-Fi internet that takes your breath away. TV like you've never seen it before. Optional unlimited calls at anytime to UK landlines. And it's all in one simple package.

HotChilli Internet
A provider of Internet and Telecom services based in the UK and is one of the UK's fastest growing and profitable companies. Offering both packaged solutions and traditional standalone services using both Internet and Telecom technologies, with clients ranging from SME to Corporate, resellers/affiliates to end users. The main core infrastructure is in Telehouse London and services offered include Server and Website hosting, Wi-Fi, leased lines, VOIP, traditional telecoms, IVR, SMS.

A specialist ISP focussed to provide high-performance Wi-Fi, leading-edge web design, high-security enterprise web hosting and secure network solutions for business.

Internet Central Ltd
"Our ADSL is faster, more reliable than most other Wi-Fi providers, because we under-contend our services within our data centres. We also offer a far higher customer service level than most other major ISP's, see the ADSL guide for proof!"

Provider of a range of competitive Wi-Fi packages.

KeConnect Ltd
East Anglia's leading internet service provider, offering premium IT and communications solutions.

Kingston Communications
A leading provider of communications solutions to businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK and to consumers within East Yorkshire.

Legend Communications
A converged communication company offering a range of telecommunication services including Voice and Data.

Offers competitvley pricede Wi-Fi services.

Mailbox Internet
Linux based ISP offering a full range of services including connectivity,email,colocated servers,leased lines,ADSL and SDSL.

Provides low cost Wi-Fi, and a range of Internet services, with fast 2Mb speeds and low cost setup.

Mistral Internet
Premier ISP for business connectivity, hosting and Internet security.

Wi-Fi, Domain name registration and hosting solutions with fast, multiple Domain Name search, registration and management system. Virtual web hosting with free technical support. Dedicated Servers, E-commerce and Web Design.

Web Hosting, Colocation UK, Dedicated Servers, Leased Lines from NewNet plc ISP - ADSL / SDSL to 8M.

NetServices Plc
Provides ADSL,
leased lines, voice over IP telephones, web hosting, and web programming.
Web database programming in HTML, php, Perl, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, ASP and ColdFusion.

A UK Internet service provider offering 8Mb Wi-Fi ADSL and Voice services.

One.Tel/Talk Talk
The UK's leading line rental and phone calls provider.

Onyx Internet
Premium quality Internet solutions to businesses, and now offer an unrivalled range of high quality services with excellent customer support.

Great value telephone calls and a fast, always-on Internet connection.

Provides low cost Wi-Fi to UK home and business, with fast 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb speeds and free setup. Excellent UK based support, with local call, 24 hour support. Voted best customer service (Future Internet) and Best Wi-Fi ISP (PC Pro). Leading the UK ISP market with voice solutions, extra security, and wireless Wi-Fi access.

Prodigy Networks
Exceptional value internet and telephone products for home and business users alike.

A leading provider of technology services to mid-sized businesses and public sector organisations in the UK.

Offers 20 channels of news and information services, including free email, chat and a fast reliable internet connection.

Fast Internet connectivity and services, voice, data and mobile communications solutions coupled with business outsource services across the country.

UK Online
Low prices and fastest speeds across our the advanced Wi-Fi network – reaching 4.4million homes across the UK.

Wi-Fi for Ireland

Provides complete Wi-Fi, dial-up, telephony, parental control, secure remote backup and plesk hosting packages for the UK.

One of the longest established business to business ISPs in the UK offering a full range of Internet Services.


Compare FREE Wi-Fi VOIP Wi-Fi Tools Kit News

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