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Nintendo Gameboy Advance Peripherals & Extras

Several peripherals are being developed for the Game Boy Advance, allowing it to do more than the Game Boy or Game Boy Color. Here's a list of peripheral devices that Nintendo has announced for the Game Boy Advance:

Game Boy Advance/GameCube Communication Cable

Using this cable, you can hook your Game Boy Advance to your GameCube. The cable will connect to the game controller port on the GameCube. The Game Boy Advance now becomes the game controller, but it has the added benefit of a second viewing screen. This can be valuable in games like football, where you don't want the other player to see your plays.

E-Card Reader

One of the most exciting accessories being developed for the Game Boy Advance, this device reads data stored on special Pokemon E-cards. It uses Scan Talk technology developed by Olympus Optical to scan barcodes containing data about Pokemon characters, including stats, evolutions, sounds and more. Users will be able to use this E-Card Reader for tutorial information about the characters' attacks and effective ways to battle with each Pokemon. The Pokemon E-cards are not scheduled for release until 2002, and no date has been set for the E-Card Reader's release.

Game Boy Advance Communication Cable

Allows up to four Game Boy Advance players to link up and play the same game with just one copy of the game. However, not all games will enable four-player action. Previously, players had to have two cartridges, and that still didn't allow four players to play together.

Game Boy Advance Battery Pak

The Pak comes with a charger and battery. Recharging time is 2 hours for every 10 hours of play.

Mobile Phone Adapter

Originally designed for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, this adapter allows users to connect to mobile phones and thus to the Internet. Users can use this device to trade data and download games.

Game Boy Advance Infrared Communication Adapter

This adapter is already available for the Game Boy Color. It is designed to enable low data rate transfers, like trading items and sharing custom characters.