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Checking the vehicle history of any used vehicle your about to buy is the best thing you can really do before buying a used car.

HPI Check Centre is an information website which provides details of different vehicle data check services to help you choose the most appropiate service to meet your needs.

Checking the history of a vehicle has many benefits, you can find out if the vehicle is stolen, has any outstanding finance, been in an accident or had it's registration plates changed.

More information of the vehicle's history can be obtained depending on the HPI Check service you choose.

Auto Express Car Data Check Reviews
Auto Express used each service to assess a Mazda Premacy and Peugeot 406, both of which had dodgy histories. Would the checks warn us off?

HPI Check Review

No wonder HPI is a generic term for used car investigations. A thorough report was supplied on the phone, and arrived instantly by E-mail and by post two days later. Major problems were pointed out immediately, while a mileage check, valuation and free insurance for seven days were also included, although more details were needed than we had to hand for the £10,000 guarantee to be valid. Good, but the priciest check on test.

AA Car Data Check Review

The fourth emergency service certainly came to the rescue. Results were given in full over the phone and the operator discussed details thoroughly. Both problems were noted immediately and the written report arrived two days later. There was a £10,000 guarantee, mileage check and a valuation - but the customer service and information on the phone are enough to make this product a worthy Best Buy.

My Car Check Review

If you bought the Peugeot on the strength of this, you could lose it, as finance isn't checked. When we called, we were told it could be included, and that a £37 report was available over the phone. There's no way of finding this out online, though - a shame, as the service is brilliantly simple. Results were clear and the process took less than two minutes per car. An E-mail arrived instantly and the website had interactive buttons for more detail.

hpi check

HPI Check
- £39.95 Buy One Get One Free
Buy Now

HPI have been checking the histories of used cars since 1938. We were the first to introduce this invaluable service and our many years of experience in the industry have made 'getting an HPI Check' a commonly used phrase.

car data check

AA Car Data Check - £39.95 - Buy Now

AA Car Data Check can tell you if the car has a finance agreement (HP etc) recorded against it, if the car has been written off as a total loss by an insurance company and if the car is at high risk of fraud or theft and is being tracked by a third party.

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My Car Check - £9.95 - Buy Now

My Car Check is the latest and least expensive car check available on the internet that includes a stolen car check from the PNC (Police National Computer), the DVLA and the Association of British Insurers (Recorded accident damage).

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