Highland Knitters
Ethical Manufacturing - We're a simple, honest, trustworthy family-run company.

Ethical Manufacturing


  1. We will conduct our business in an open, moral and equitable manner.
  2. We will remunerate our employees at a fair market rate in accordance with their responsibilities and abilities.
  3. The use of any child labour is unacceptable. All labour must be at least 18 years old.
  4. Safe working conditions are provided for all employees and none will be subjected to dangerous working practices.
  5. Working hours must be reasonable and appropriate breaks given. Wages and benefits must be fully comparable with local norms, complying with all local laws and the general principle of fair dealing.
  6. Employees will be considered for promotion and advancement purely on their ability, and in no circumstances will the exploitation of any individual or group be allowed.
  7. Employees must be engaged on a voluntary basis, there must be no forced labour or any use of physical or mental abuse, or any form of corporal punishment.

Freedom of Association

Employees must be free to choose whether or not to associate with any group that is legal in that country.

Open Door

We are so confident in our ability to live up to the highest ethical manufacturing standards, that we offer an open-door policy to any of our clients wishing to visit our factories - without any advance notice whatsoever. Just turn up at the door and we’ll let you in. We have nothing to fear or hide !!