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Volunteering for work in Madagascar

 For many years ‘voluntary working trips overseas’ have been poorly coordinated and much good intention, effort and expense has been misdirected and therefore has had little impact on the initial concern it set out to aid.  This is why MOSS ‘eye programs’ will only partnership with individuals and organisation that adhere to Vision 2020 – ‘the right to sight’ principles. In this WHO vision, the priorities of how to reduce the 80% of needlessly blind in the world by 2020 is shown.

 MOSS has helped many people obtain short periods of work in Madagascar under a voluntary basis. Much of this has been health related and has included Medical Student electives, Nurses, House officers, Registrars and Consultants on observational, teaching and research trips. To obtain the most benefit for both the individual and for Madagascar, following the 5 Os below is encouraged. It is also important to learn more about Madagascar as a country and the Bradt guide on Madagascar is quite superb in achieving this in an enthusiastic way. Some people ask “Well what can I do to help?” By following the Orientation and visiting Madagascar on an Observational visit can make it clear whether one really does wish to commit to helping Madagascar rather than falling into the trap of Medical Tourism. Many of us start out our interests in this Observational manner and a few will continue. This is how MOSS and many of the other charities working in Madagascar started. The important thing is to go and enjoy the experience. Do not work all the time. See some of the uniqueness of Madagascar and have fun – ‘A good worker is a happy worker’.

  1. ORIENTATION e.g. through attending specific ‘Community Eye Health’ training modules  run by I.C.E.H both in London and overseas (1-2 weeks).

  2. OBSERVATION of the proposed overseas program to initiate the linkage, fact find and develop personal communication/relationships.

  3. OBJECTIVES of the linkage need to be determined, defined and aligned with the overall local program and program supporter e.g. Ministry of Health and/or Non Governmental Organisation.

  4. ORGANISATION of activities will preferably include a timetable over 2-3 years in the first instance and will need to include funding/fundraising.

  5. OUTCOME evaluation of these activities will be encouraged by both linkage institutions and program supporter, including brief summary reports prior to directing future activities.

Please contact obackhouse@btinternet.com for further information.

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