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Arthur Lowe - A Life / Dad's Memory by Stephen Lowe

Originally published in Hardback as 'Arthur Lowe - a Life' in 1996 by Nick Hern Books
ISBN 1 85459 279 3 Price: £15.99

Published in Paperback as 'Arthur Lowe - Dad's Memory' in 1997 by Virgin Books
0 7535 0170 8 Cost £5.99
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Published in Large print format in 1997 by ISIS Publishing Ltd. ISBN 0-7631-5026-3 (Hardback)
0-7531-5030-1 (Soft bac
k) No Price on cover

Thanks to Terry Hissey who provided Large Print book information and scan for this page.

The original hardback cover for Stephen Lowe's biographical tribute to his father featured a splendid caricature of Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring. The book was also released in Large Print by Isis publishing sporting this rare two-tone cover.

In 1997, Virgin books published the biography in paperback, giving the book a new title and a new photo cover of Arthur as Captain Mainwaring.

For nine years Arthur Lowe entertained Britain as the bumbling, indignant Captain Mainwaring of Dad's Army. His Comic genius meant the show became a classic and secured him a very special place in the British public's heart.

But while his long career, which began in an army entertainment field unit, took him to the heights of British stage, film and TV success, his home life was considerably more complicated. Held back by the increasingly erratic and demanding behavior of his wife, Lowe struggled to maintain his career, health and tempestuous marriage.

In this candid and touching biography, Arthur Lowe's son undergoes a voyage of discovery. Hugely enjoyable and revealing, this is nostalgic and deeply poignant biography of one of Britain's best loved and most fondly remembered character actors.

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