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What is Going To Become of Us All? by John Le Mesurier

John Le Mesurier, with Annie Ross and Alan Clare

Released by Warner Communications,1976

Cat No: K54080


Album scan provided by David Noades

The LP "What Is To Become Of Us All" featured a line drawing of John Le Mesurier on its cover.


1 The Boy Actor ( read by John Le Mesurier)
2 A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (sung by John Le Mesurier)*
3 My Financial Career (read by John Le Mesurier)
4 What's New? (sung by Annie Ross)*
5 I Winder What Happened To Him? (read by John Le Mesurier)
6 John O'Groats (played by Alan Clare)
7 The Awful Fate of Melpomenus Jones (read by John Le Mesurier)
8 Thank You So Much Mrs. Lowsborough Good-bye (sung by John Le Mesurier)*
9 Cider With Rosie - Pavane Pour Enfante (read by John Le Mesurier)*
10 That Tune (sung by Annie Ross)*
11 An Indian Prayer (read by John Le Mesurier)
12 A Letter To A John Le Mesurier (read by John Le Mesurier)
13 So Long Frank Lloyd Wright (sung by Annie Ross)*
* indicates accompanied by Alan Clare on the piano

Following the recording of the Dad's Army stage show cast album in 1975, producer Derek Taylor invited John Le Mesurier to make his own LP.

So the following year, John invited his friends, the jazz singer Annie Ross and pianist Alan Clare to join him in the album What Is Going to Become of Us All?

John read poetry, short stories and even sang a bit, whilst Annie contributed a couple of songs herself, and both were accompanied by Alan. This album provides an interesting insight into the true John Le Mesurier. He talks to the listener as if he were an old friend. He has chosen his favourite pieces of music, and his favourite readings, including some Stephen Leacock stories his father read to him as a boy.

His rendition of A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, a song he'd gained some notoriety for by singing in the Dad's Army stage show, is even better than the recording from the year before - though this time it does lack a certain Frank Pike aiding a comedy factor. And John's renditions of the Noel Cowerd poems The Boy Actor and I Wonder What Happened To Him are wonderful. This album is a 'must-have' for fans of Le Mesurier.

Thanks to Dave Homewood and David Noades for the information revealed in this article.