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Dad's Army Model Van's

produced in Great Britain by Corgi, 2000.

By the year 2000, Dad's Army has become regarded as a Cult Comedy Classic, so its hardly surprising that two of the leading vehicles from the series have been reproduced by Corgi for the Collectors market.

On a larger scale and more accurate than the previous models produced by Lledo a few years earlier, the models, Corporal Jones's Butchers Van nd Chief Warden Hodges' Greengrocers van are a worthy addition to any Dad's Army fan's collection.

Here is the description given to the van's from the Christmas 2000 edition of Corgi Direct.

Corporal Jones Butcher's Van (Dad's Army)
Regularly commandeered by Captain Mainwaring as the platoon's troop carrier, Jonesie's van became as much a recognisable star of the series as any actor. Accompanied by a figure of the excitable Corporal, complete with that bayonet ("they don't like it up them, they don't").
Scale 1:43 Approx. length 125mm

Chief Air Warden Hodges' Greengrocers Van (Dad's Army)
It was sometimes hard to believe that Hodges and Mainwaring's lot were on the same side. Here we reproduce the greengrocer's delivery van in authentic livery copied exactly from original stills, and accompanied by a figure of the irascible Warden.
Scale 1:43 Approx. length 135mm

You can contact Corgi Classics at Corgi Classics Limited, Meridian East, Meridian Business Park, Leicester LE3 2RL

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