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Impact Testing

Amongst Ion Coat's patent portfolio, we hold IP rights in the field of impact testing equipment.

The impact test can be used to determine the adhesion between a coating and its substrate. It also examines the coating's cyclic fatigue behaviour and cohesive strength.

In a typical impact test a spherical indenter (which may be ceramic or metallic) is continually loaded into a coated (or uncoated) surface until a failure occurs.

A number of organisations have developed impact test instruments for their own use. However, some of these instruments are not capable of impacting above a rate of 30 Hz. As a result, impact testing is a slow process, especially since many researchers demand test durations of more than 5 million cycles.

The Ion Coat IT10 impact tester was specifically developed to meet the needs of a major manufacturer of heavy earth-moving equipment with interests in the use of innovative coatings. To learn more about this intrument, navigate using the tabs to the left.

Impact testing