In 1981 Jamieson Associates worked with Structaply Limited to produce a replacement research station for the British Antartic Survey. The site is a floating ice shelf in the Weddell Sea known as Halley Research Station where the average temperature is -19 degrees C and winds of 80 knots. This project presented some interesting challenges for both the design and construction of this group of buildings, buried under 60 feet of snow and ice.

The solution was to build four interconnecting tubes of 9.16m diameter, each of which contained a two storey structure. These provide laboratories, offices and living accommodation for 18 persons.

The entire building was constructed of stressed skin plywood insulated panels and erected in just 6 weeks. In 1983 the project was featured on the iconic TV programme "Tomorrow's World". After 10 years service the research station finally succumbed to the weight of snow over it and has been replaced twice since then. Halley VI is the to current version of the station.