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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage is a branch of Ayurvedic treatment
(Ayurvedic is a sanskrit word meaning science of life)

Dating back several thousand years, Indian Head Massage has been a regular part of family grooming in India where it is customary for babies to be massaged from birth. By the age of about six, children are taught the massage themselves to share with family members.

The massage is also a traditional part of the marriage ceremony for both bride and groom, carried out using oils on the scalp.

The original massage only included the head, neck, and shoulders but through time, as the therapy reached the West it eventually became what we now know as Traditional Indian Head Massage. This now takes in arms, back (to base of spine) and face as well.

The massage is carried out fully clothed, with the person seated, shoes and jewellery removed.

The benefits of head massage are numerous and include increased blood flow, relaxation and toning of muscles, The function of the lymphatic system is improved, which in turn speeds up the release of body toxins. In addition, the release of endorphins from the brain gives an overall feeling of well being.

The massage helps with emotional stress, anxiety and depression, creating a feeling of calm and balance.

In todays world there is a lot of stress which cannot be avoided, whether emotional or workplace, resulting in tension. This will usually appear as a tightening of the muscles in the scalp, neck and shoulders, which if not released could result in physical problems.

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