My Journey

Energy Vortex Mount Kurama

My journey with energy fields started in August 1999.
I did not get up one day and say 'I'm going to do Reiki'; as with other people I have connected, the energies seemed to find me - time, place and circumstance. Before I knew it, I had started on the path of Reiki with level one attunement.

From an early stage I realised that the essence of this energy was getting as much hands on experience as possible.
(Being an exchange of energy, the more treatments I gave and the more I received, the higher my vibration rose.) After the required time period, I moved on to the second level and then to the Masters.

The energies totally changed my general outlook on life, and gave me a great sense of inner peace.

Then the hunger started for more knowledge. I had reached the third level of Reiki - the Master.

The journey and the learning had now started in earnest, I connected with many Masters to exchange ideas and experiences, books related to Reiki and energy work; I couldnt get enough. There was the internet too, a wealth of further information.

I found then that I was very drawn to crystals, the
energies that they hold and offer when they are opened out,
which I combined with the Reiki fields.

From there I was drawn into the Shamanic fields
and another door opened for me.

I attended a Sweatlodge, where I experienced incredible
visions. My energy and vibrations were rising again but there
were still doubts when working with clients and seeing their issues leave them.

This energy is truly amazing.

I attended a Firewalk and several Shamanic workshops with Eva Mack,
Morning Star, Stephen Mulhearn, Franco Santoro, and Thunder Eagle.

The journey continues; how high can this energy go?
There seems to be no limit anymore.

I travelled to Mt Kurama in Japan, where I was re-attuned to Reiki Master. What a wonderful experience! Energy levels of such a high vibration, after which I felt totally empty.

A complete rebirth, raising levels yet again.

I continued my journey and completed the Karuna Reiki at Stonehenge with William Lee Rand.
I also became involved with Ascension Healing.

It has been an incredible time, which continues.
Just as you come to the end,
another gate and path opens in front of you.

I now use a combination of these energy fields during treatments.
Over the last few years I have carried out treatments for
clients, with various issues including muscle strains, migraines
arthritis, back pains, ME, MS, lupus
and cancer tumors, to name
but a few. All these issues left them.

I work at a very high vibration and have come to the
conclusion that there are no limits to these healing energies
and certainly no barriers.

The only barrier is the person.
If your heart is open, anything can be moved - physical or emotional.

I am always seeking new challenges, do you have any issues where you are?

The Journey Continues

With strong callings to Shamanic fields, my journey took me to Peru. I visited and connected with several ancient Inca sites, took part in ceremonial rituals with local Shamans at Sacsaywaman and an evening ceremony (Despatcho) at the Temple of the Moon.

I walked the path of the ancients - the Inca Trail, which was a real test of endurance, both physically and mentally, made more difficult with the altitude.

During that time I visited the Temple of the Sun, where I connected with the energies of the Apus (Mountain Spirits) and left my offerings.

I continued on the trek through some amazing scenery, through Rainforest and climate changes by the hour, until the goal of the journey was in sight - Machu Picchu. The sight and huge scale of this place was incredible and I spent some hours laying out a Crystal Grid, connecting with the energies and leaving my offerings.

During my time in Peru, I had many feelings of joy, elation and inner peace. I experienced visions, as well as a near death experience and knew that again I was at one with spirit, feeling that my energy levels had risen greatly.

These higher energies and new learnings I will use and pass on to others during healings and trainings.
I await on the next door to open, where my journey will continue.

I'm waiting

My vibration continues to rise with each healing and attunement,

join me in this journey.

May Spirit Guide and Watch Over You
Love and Light, Chris

Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Value your parents, teachers, and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show respect for all things
(Dr Mikao Usui)

Combined Treatment
(Reiki, Shamanic, Karuna, Crystal and Ascension Healing)

Salutation of Namaste:
I honour the place in which the whole universe dwells.
I honour the place in you which is of Love, Truth, Light and Peace.
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me

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