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  • October 2015

    TalkTalk. It has been reported this morning (23/10/2015) that the TallkTalk website has suffered a significant breach of security following a cyber attack. The reports warn there is a chance that personal data including back account details could have been stolen. The TalkTalk website has more information. Use your preferred search engine to find out more "talktalk cyber attack".

  • October 2015

    Windows 10. The next big update codenamed "Threshold 2" is scheduled to arrive in November. As with any update, a number of fixes and GUI enhancements are included. More details can be found here (https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/7122/windows-10-fall-update-is-set-for-november-release) courtesy of Paul Thurrott.

  • September 2015

    AVG Free. There are numerous news articles on the internet that have reported a change in the privacy policy of AVG. Apparently, from October 15th, "non-personal" data will be sold to third parties. Information including app popularity and usage, browser history, online purchases, phone network and approximate location have been listed in some articles as the anonymous data being sold. Use your preferred search engine to find out more "AVG selling data".