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Under Blankets and Mattress Covers

These types of electric blankets can be used to pre heat the bed, then turned down to a lower setting for all night use just before getting into bed. The standard underblanket will take up to 90 mins to warm up, when set to the Pre Heat setting, and depending on the amount of covering may be a little longer especially on really cold nights. It fits on top of the mattress with your bottom sheet on top of the electric blanket, and then your usual bedding on top. It is secured to the bed by either tie tapes or in the case of the mattress cover by a fitted skirt, this goes around the mattress like a fitted sheet. The Ready for Bed range are a quick heating underblankets and the bed will be warm after only 10 mins, then it must be turned down before getting into bed to a lower all night setting. See separate Ready for Bed heading.

Over Blankets and Duvets

The overblanket goes on top of you with a sheet between you and the overblanket, it can be fitted into a Duvet cover or you can place a Duvet or blankets on top the overblanket. It can be used to Pre Heat the bed before getting in, then turned down to a lower number, so that you have a gentle all night heat. The Duvet which has the heating wires enclosed inside, is used in the same way as the overblanket. All overblankets and Duvets use Ready For Bed technology to warm the bed. See separate Ready for Bed heading. All electric Blankets can be machine washed see separate heading for washing details. Electric Blankets are economical to run, operating at low power. With this in mind, before use they should be fitted to the bed and covered as described above, otherwise they appear not to heat or achieve their correct temperature.