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Using Your Electric Blanket

Below you will find instructions and warnings for the use of most Electric Blankets, these will ensure the safe continuous use of your blanket, as well as prevent any premature breakdown.Also as we are regularly asked for Laundry instructions, we have included them here.

First of all read and use according to the Manufacturers instruction included with your blanket.

Only use Underblankets and Mattress Covers under you , Overblankets should only be used on top of you.

Do not use with any of the blankets wired area tucked in.

Never use whilst folded or rucked and avoid any permanent creasing.

Do not Dry Clean, where the blankets is suitable Launder (see instructions below ) according to instructions, removing the detachable lead first.

Do not use wet or damp.

Do not insert pins or sharp objects as this may damage the wiring.

Never place additional articles such as pillows or clothes or allow any animal onto the heated area of the blanket when switched on.

Never sit on top of  the bed when the blanket is switched on.

Never use a hot water bottle at the same time as an electric blanket.

Do not place the control below the pillow or sheets, avoid sharp bents to the cable and route under a bed never across the bedding.

Use only the control type provided; all controllers are specific to the blanket it is supplied with.

Regularly check the blanket connector is fully pushed home.

If suitable for use on an adjustable bed ensure that the blanket and chord cannot become trapped or rucked.

Electric Blankets are not suitable for infants or people who are helpless or insensitive to heat. For young children the control must be pre set by a Parent or Guardian, unless the Child has been adequately instructed on how to operate the controls.

NEVER get into bed whilst the blanket is switched to a PRE HEAT setting, if the blanket is designed for All Night use, before getting into bed always turn down to ALL NIGHT setting. The most common reason for premature breakdown of electric blankets is being in bed whilst the blanket is on a pre heat setting, this can cause localised overheating, even after a short period of time.

Regularly check the blanket for damage to the cable and control switch and check the fabric for rucking, ceasing and heat discoloration, should any damage occur, contact or return to the service centre.

Your Electric Blanket should have safety inspection at least every three years.

As we do not launder electric blankets, a frequently asked question is “How can I launder my Electric Blanket”

Most Electric Blankets with detachable leads can be laundered if you take care.

Please note they CANNOT be Dry Cleaned.

Prior to washing unplug any leads from the blanket and measure so that it can be stretched back to its original size.
For machine washing, load the blanket into the machine taking care that it does not rest on the rubber which surrounds the opening, we suggest either a bath towel or sheet be loaded in front of the blanket, to help prevent the blanket falling forward.
The reason why we suggest this is because we have seen many blankets ruined when they have rubbed against the door rubber, during the spin cycle.

The blanket should be washed on the 30 / 40c Wool programme, do not use extra spin cycle.

If you wish to hand wash the blanket use a mild washing powder in luke warm water and soak for 15 mins. After soaking gently wash the blanket and rinse thoroughly with clean water, allow the water to drain from the blanket by gently squeezing, do not wring.

Drying the blanket outdoors over a line is the ideal way of drying, do not use pegs on the wired area. During the drying process stretch the blanket back to its original size by working from side to side stretching a strip at a time, this may require to be repeated a number of times.

If you hold the blanket up to the light you may be able to inspect the wires to see if any loops have been formed, if so keep stretching the blanket till they have straightened. If your blanket will fit your Tumbler dryer you can use this method following the stretching procedure above.

If your blanket is too big for your own washing machine you can take the blanket to the launderette, washing instructions are the same as home laundry, if using a dryer use the Low setting.

Once laundered and dried we suggest the blanket be left a few days in an airing cupboard or the like so as to ensure it is thoroughly dry before use. Laundering your blanket will find any weakness in the wiring, especially older blankets.
If you have any problems after laundry with the wires or the blanket has not returned to its original size, or if the blanket does not work, give the service centre a ring and they will advise.

Please be advised that laundry will cause any weaknesses in the blankets operating system to show, we cannot accept any liability for damage caused whilst laundering. If you have any doubts about the blankets safety once laundry has been carried out, please contact us.

Laundry instructions.