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In this section we try to cover most of the questions asked (including contact details) about electric blankets manufactured by Dreamland since 2006. If you need information about buying a blanket please see the About Electric Blankets section.

Q. My electric blanket is not working.
A. If the light behind the number dial is not coming on, first check the fuse.
Please note; if the light is operating then there will be a fault in either the blanket or control, there is no need to check the plugs fuse.

If your blanket is dual control and only one half is not working you can determine if it is the control or blanket that is faulty by simply taking the switch from the side that is not working and plugging it into the side you know, that is.

If the control also does not work in the working side, its the control that is faulty.

Q. Can I buy a new control.

A. Please go to Buy Control section.

Q. The electric blanket is taking too long to pre heat or does not get very hot.
A. No electric blanket should get very hot as this would be dangerous; The instruction supplied with the blanket will give you a guide, however the speed at which the blanket heats up and the top temperature it achieves will depend on the ambient room temperature and the amount of covering placed on top of the blanket, Intelliheat and Ready for Bed blankets will warm the bed in five to ten minutes.
British and European standards for electric blankets, do not allow modern day blankets to achieve the same temperatures that were reached by older blankets.
It will not heat up if no covering is placed on top of it.

Q. The time out indicator light on my Intelliheat (Blue Light) Ready for Bed (Red Light) blanket is flashing as soon as I switch the blanket on.
Switch type H56A1, H56A2, H56A3
(can be found on markings at the back of the switch).

The Red Ready for Bed icon remains on when the centre button is depressed on my N39A2 Control. (can be found on markings at the back of the switch).

A.This is indicating that a fault has occurred in either the control unit or the blanket.
You can determine on a dual controlled blanket if it is the control or blanket which is at fault by swopping over the controls from one side to the other, if the fault moves from one side to the other, the control unit is at fault.
All Dreamland Intelliheat/Ready for Bed blankets are protected from overheating by Sleep Guardian Technology which will shut off the blanket before it becomes unsafe to use. The most common reasons for the overheat sensor activating is when the blanket is operated at a pre heat setting, whilst the user is in bed, or in the case of Ready for bed blankets, if the blanket is left on pre heat for longer than the 30mins recommended in the instructions, this causes localised overheating causing damage to the blankets overheat system*, the advance technology of the control unit will pick up any fault within the blanket and shut down and eventually fail altogether, the time out indicator will then start to flash.

H56A1/2 *The Temperature Selector must always be turned down to 1 -5 before getting into bed and the time out switch to 1hour or 9hours.
After the period set of 1 hour or 9 hours the control will go to a blue light this will be shown by a continuous or flashing blue light. Please do not mistake the flashing blue light with the fault as shown above.

Q. The control unit appears to be working correctly, but the blanket is not heating up.
 Switch type H56A1, H56A2, H56A3,. (can be found on markings at the back of the switch).

A. This indicates that the switch is faulty, if under warranty see returns procedure if not please refer to Control Units section

Q. My blanket is under warranty and on checking your Q & A guide I have determined that the control is faulty, do I also need to return the blanket.
A. If you are certain that it is only the control that is faulty,( you can determine on a dual controlled blanket if it is the control or blanket which is at fault, by swopping over the controls from one side to the other, if the fault moves from one side to the other, the control unit is at fault). you can return just the control enclosing a letter with your name and address, plus a copy of your receipt or other valid proof of purchase.
Should the blanket be faulty, you will need to return both the blanket and control.

Q. I have determined that it is my blanket which is under guarantee, that is faulty.

A. You will need to return the blanket and controls with a copy of your receipt and return address, to the service center, address given in contact us section.

Q. My electric blanket was given as a present, it is within the guarantee period and I have not got the receipt.
Q. I believe my electric blanket is within its guarantee period, but I have misplaced the receipt.
A. You will need to return the blanket and/or control to us stating when you think it was bought/ given, once our engineers have inspected the blanket we may the do the work as a gesture of goodwill. We will only do this once we have inspected the blanket.

Q. My electric blanket has a control type, EC10,20,30,40,50,60,70. CT100/110. C90. 972A1, 973A1, 881A1, 881A2. are they still available.

A. As Dreamland are continually improving their safety technology in order to conform with latest standards, we are afraid that the above controls are no longer in production and are now unavailable. As spares are no longer available they cannot be repaired.
None of our current controls are compatible with any of the above.

Q. Our electric blanket which is out of guarantee has now gone faulty what should I do and how much will it cost to service or repair.
A. It will all depend on how old the blanket is and the condition of it. If the blanket was one of the budget range, a single bed under blanket or over seven years old, it may be better to think about replacing. If you decide to return a blanket we will firstly inspect it for future safe use and send a report to you with the cost of servicing and any replacement parts. If you know it’s the blanket itself that is faulty, do not return, as the blanket only cannot be repaired. We try to keep costs down, however we have fixed cost for postage / carriage and handling, the service charge for blankets with one control is approx £ 15.00, for blankets with two controls approx £ 18.50 , we will advise you of extra costs before carrying out any work, we do not charge for this initial inspection. . If you want to return your blanket for service or repair, please enclose a letter with your name and address, telephone number, email address, once we have inspected the blanket we will contact you. It is very difficult to say if a blanket is worth servicing or need servicing without seeing the blanket. 

Q. How long will it take to service or repair my blanket.
A. This is dependent on the time of year, being a seasonal item September through to February are our peak times, we do though try to return within an average of  7 to 14 days. We recommend that if you want a blanket servicing that you return during May to September.

Q. Do you service other makes of blankets.
A. Whilst we are the service center for Dreamland, we will carry out safety inspections of any make of blanket, however if they are faulty we would be unable to help.

Q. How do I pack the blanket and what do I need to return with it.
A. It is o.k. to fold the blanket for means of return, then place into a strong plastic bag or two bin liners complete with the controls, please do not remove the plugs, include a letter with your name and address, if the blanket is under warranty you will need to also include a valid proof of purchase or a copy of. To assist in recoding receipt please put your name and postcode on the outside of the parcel. Please do not return any packing you require, as we may not return.

Q. Is there a service center near to me.
A. As testing electric blankets tends to be a specialised procedure unfortunately the only service centre is in Cheshire. Trading Standards and Fire Services in parts of the U.K sometimes carry out safety checks and it may be worth checking with them.

Q. Can my blanket be cleaned.

A. Electric blankets with detachable leads can be laundered, but not dry cleaned. (Please see Laundry instruction heading).

Q. How much will it cost to use my blanket.
A. Electric blankets use very little energy compared with heating a bedroom, a single blanket will cost around 2 pence per night to run, a double proportionally more, which makes electric blankets very cheap to run.

Q.What is the return address for my electric blanket.

A. P.O.Box 166
     CW10 0ZU.

The address given in the instructions is above, however, due to recent increases in Postage charges you may wish to use another carrier other than the Post Office, in that case please send to.

  Unit 7
  Holly House Estate,
  Middlewich Road, 
  CW10 9LT.
This is the same delivery address as the P.O.Box number.
As we have no reception we are unable to accept customers in person at the Cranage site. Should you wish to call personally to drop off a blanket, please ring 01606 837222 to make arrangements.