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Our Fleet

At Colin Mackenzie Removals we are proud of our fleet of highly specialised vehicles. Each vehicle has been designed and built by professional body builders. These vehicles are fully equipped with blankets, webbs, hanging robes, mattress and suite covers and piano trucks to name a few.

We also hold a full Operators licence and hold a Certificate of Professional Competence which means our vehicles have to be maintained to the highest degree with a compulsery service for all our vehicles every 6 weeks. Only companies with good repute and full knowledge of business and road haulage can obtain a licence and only companies with an Operators Licence can legally use vehicles over 3.5 tons. Our Operators licence is enforced by The Department of Transport and VOSA and if we are in breach of any regulations we face heavy fines or even our licence being revoked.

FACT - Did you know that a luton transit vehicle can on average only carry 1000kg before being over weight although if filled up with household effects the weight being carried can exceed 2500kg over 2.5 times the legal weight!!!

If the vehicle is pulled over by VOSA or the police they will unload your effects on the side of the road before being allowed to travel. The driver will receive a hefty fine and at least 3 points on his licence.

FACT - It is a legal requirement to vacate your premises by the time of completion.
If your removal company let you down or turn up with a vehicle too small to fit all your belongings in, you could face hefty fines and costs from the people who have purchased your property if they cannot move in when supposed to.

With our vast expertise we not only ensure a stress free, safe move but we can also deal with any problems that may occur such as delays with keys or even the possibility of the money not transfering meaning we would store your effects until you gain access to your property.

Mercedes-Benz 817

Vehicle used to deliver and collect customers packing materials and back up to the larger vehicles in the fleet on removals. Also used on small removals local or long distance especially where access is restricted making it very difficult for the larger vehicles to get close to the property. This vehicle can carry up to 1300 cubic feet (37 cubic metres) of furniture, the average 1/2 small 3 bedroom house. We also hire this vehcile out our 7.5 ton van and driver service. Van Dimensions - 21ft Long, 12.2 ft high, 7.5 ft wide plus room for light goods above the drivers cab.

Mercedes-Benz 1823

Has an 2100 cubic (59 cubic metres) foot capacity, the average cubic capacity of a 3/4 bedroom house. The body has been built on an air suspension chassis to give the maximum protection to your furniture on the roads of the U.K.Loaded from the rear via a special ramp arrangement. This vehicle is also fitted a 1ton taillift and It makes regular trips throughout the U.K.. Van Dimensions - 38ft Long, 13.10 ft high, 8ft wide.


Mercedes-Benz 1317

This vehicle is built to carry massive 2200 cubic foot (62 cubic metres) of furniture. With a large engine capacity combined with special aerodynamics to maintain accurate arrival times. . This vehicle can be loaded either by its large side door or from the rear via a special ramp arrangement. Very manouverable in tight access situations. Van Dimensions - 36ft Long, 8ft high, 12.10 ft wide.


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