Basic Process Model

Each phase of a development life cycle can be represented as a process having iterative and recursive analysis, formulation and synthesis loops to produce and verify the phase output products.
Processes can be defined by activities and tasks tracked by the control functions such as Configuration, Product evaluation, test, etc.

FIGURE 1. Basic Process Model

FIGURE 1. Basic Process Model.

This basic process model can be applied to any phase of the system life cycle and the supporting technical specialist life cycles, e.g., software, hardware, safety, etc.

Phase Inputs

Inputs to the process shall include the required information to sustain the technical effort together with the start of a new phase of technical effort.

Process requirements

Each phase of the system and its supporting specialty programs shall establish a life cycle consisting of a series of phases. Each phase shall define its tasks, activities, products, support and control operations in their respective plans and procedures documentation.

Phase outputs

Phase outputs shall comprise of:  
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