Hardware Development Standards


The objectives of this documents are:


Hardware Development Standards define the process and activities necessary to produce quality hardware. The are used to manage and control the process using standardized methods and procedures. Several standards, models or guide-lines exist supported by government, institutions, etc., which propose various concepts and principles. These standards together with other special considerations for functional reasons i.e., safety critical, airborne, build strategy, reengineering, etc., shall be combined to establish a uniform process and activities for all hardware for a specific project.
The development of this hardware (HWCI) shall be established and described by a Hardware Development Plan.

Organization of HDS, Plans and procedures

Figure 1. Organization of HDS, Plans and procedures.


For large and/or complex development projects an overall HDP may be required to establish and identify the overall project management organizations and activities who will manage and control the overall development of hardware.
The HDP (overall) shall define the overall plans and procedures necessary to develop and document the hardware in a uniform manner. All hardware (HWCI) to be developed shall be identified by their individual HDP.

Individual and HWCI the activities, personnel, organizations, code of practice, and process standards to be used for the development and certification shall be identified.

Each individual HDP shall identify or include the development resources and organization, development time-line schedule and milestones, security measures, design methodologies, design and implementation approaches, testing methodology, certification plan, resource utilization control, programming support center facilities and potential risk areas of the specific HWCI development life cycle.

Each HDP shall reference and confirm compliance to the 'Hardware Development Standards' and identify any authorized deviations or waivers.

System/hardware development life cycle

FIGURE 1. System/hardware development life cycle.

The Hardware Development Standards and supporting Plans shall be prepared and will be maintained and improved on a continuous basis.

Proposed "Hardware Management" documentation to be known as the "Hardware Development Standards" shall comprise of the following:

The above shall be used in conjunction with the HWCI 'Hardware Development plans' to create a uniform development process.


General requirements.

A System/hardware development life cycle the consists of the following phases shall be implemented:

This process shall represent the melding of all the specified hardware management standards, guide-lines, and procedures.

A detailed description of the activities to be performed in the above phases will be provided in the identified HDS model text. The HWCI development phases may overlap and may be applied iteratively or recursively.

Documents and drawings will be prepared in accordance with the 'Technical Documentation Standard' and its referenced model text. The design of the HWCI shall be performed using the Methods and Tools identified in the 'Hardware Engineering Manual'. Products produced or prepared during the hardware development life cycle phases shall be evaluated using the methods, criteria, and procedures defined in the 'Hardware Product Evaluation Plan'.

Hardware safety considerations.

To be continued
Under development Example HDS Hardware Development Standards model text
Example HDP (overall) Hardware Development Plan (overall) model text
Example HDP Hardware Development Plan (HWCI) model text

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