Project information database


Each project shall have a repository for the integrated information being utilized and created by the program. This information shall be partitioned by type, level of detail for the life cycle functional discipline.
The intention of the integrated database is to provide access to the technical information, decisions taken, and rationale that defines the latest status of the system development and record its evolution.

The following lists some of the information:

This data shall be contained on electronic media with a back-up copy kept in a different geographical position.
Data shall be electronically viewable with the facility to print if necessary.
The actual format and its structure shall be pre-defined for the project at an early stage. Access by suppliers and subcontractors shall be agreed.
The integrated database shall be defined in the SEMP of the PMS.

Example information

Exceptions shall only be where data has to be on a "need-to-know-basis" as determined by the project manager.

Under construction.

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