mark sparrow

I’m a Bath-based journalist, photographer and broadcaster. During the past 25 years I’ve worked on publications as diverse as The Guardian, Cranes Today, MacFormat, Guitarist, Diesel Car and The Daily Telegraph. My broadcasts have been heard on stations from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands... and the BBC World Service. Last year I finished making a documentary for Channel 4 Dispatches on my favourite subject: hospital food.

Despite originally training as a photographer, I managed to slither my way into journalism via public relations. A brief stint spent in Germany working in the publicity department of an enormous steel conglomerate sharpened my sense of irony as I struggled to find exciting words to describe bucket-wheel excavators and hot strip mills. But I’m over that now.

My influences include Keith Waterhouse, Miles Kington and Bill Bryson. In my free time I enjoy bog snorkelling and breeding kangaroos. Actually, I made that last bit up... my real passions are politics, backgammon, early music and red wine, but I didn’t think they sounded as exciting.



Mark Sparrow


Writer and Photographer


Politics, Portugal, Backgammon