Your Local Independent Wholesaler

McDowell Pharmaceuticals is an independent, family owned pharmaceutical wholesaler. We are licensed to wholesale in the EEA and hold that licence with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)*.

We have been serving the independent pharmacy sector in Ireland since 2000. We have always taken a pride in the service we offer, building strong long-term customer relations.

We offer a next day (courier-based) delivery service throughout Ireland**.

We are open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Our extensive ranges of pharmaceutical products are all offered at discounted prices.

In Northern Ireland we offer surgical items and pharmaceuticals. These fall into the following four categories:-

·         Surgical items, including dressings, test strips, needles, etc., all of which are ‘CE’ marked

·         Generic medicines, all of which are licensed for the UK market

·         ‘Over the counter’ medicines

·         Branded ethical pharmaceuticals, both UK and Parallel Imports, all of which are licensed for the UK market.

These product ranges are extensive, but not unduly so. We try to offer a manageable portfolio of product so as to minimise out of stocks and avoid obsolete listings in our pricelist.

In the Republic of Ireland we also offer surgical items and pharmaceuticals. All surgical items are ‘CE’ marked and are the same as the local product. Pharmaceuticals offered fall into two categories:-

·         Dual Pack Registered (DPR) – these are products that are identical in every respect in both the UK and Irish markets and which McDowells have individually registered with the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) using the Dual Pack Registration Scheme.

·         Parallel Product Authorised (PPA) – these are products sourced exclusively from the UK market via licensed UK wholesalers. They are neatly re-packaged in accordance with the terms of the Parallel Product Authorisations which McDowells hold with the IMB, all under the strict control of a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer.

All this means that we can offer real savings to our customers in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland without asking them to compromise on the quality they offer to their patients.

To learn more about McDowells, please browse our website or contact us. To become a customer, please contact us today***. We always welcome new customers.


* Our licence number is WL 18137/1 and is listed on the MHRA website. A copy is available on request.

**Orders placed before 5.00pm are delivered on the next trading day (Monday to Friday – no Saturday deliveries).

***We only accept registered pharmacies in Ireland (North and South) as valid customers.