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Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall

Registered Charity 304968

Terms and Conditions of Hire

1. Hirer  The person signing the Booking Form is the Hirer and must be aged 18 or older. The Hirer is responsible for seeing that these Terms and Conditions of Hire are met even if they are not personally present at the event. No Hirer may sub-let the facility to another person.

2. Booking   A booking is only confirmed when the signed and completed Booking Form is returned together with the necessary deposit or full booking charge.  Provisional bookings will only be held for 7 days, after which the date(s) will be released.  The Trustees reserve the right to require a security / damage deposit and full payment 14 days in advance.

3. Damage  The hirer shall be responsible for the cost of making good any damage to APMH property caused during their occupation of the hall.

4. Payment Terms   All outstanding payments are due on the date of the event and must be paid within 30 days.  Security/damage deposits are payable 14 days in advance.  If a booking is cancelled within three months of the date of the event, a fee of 25% is payable.  If paying by bank transfer please e-mail confirmation to and quote the Invoice number.

5. Occupancy  Unless prior arrangements have been made, the premises must not be occupied before the start of the hire period and must be vacated by the end of the hire period.

6. Numbers    The number of persons allowed inside the premises is limited by licence to 360. The maximum for any room or booking is dependent on layout, but never more than 252 in the main hall.

7. Emergency procedures  The hirer must appoint a FIRE MARSHALL to take responsibility for the safety of persons at the event and must name this person on the Booking Form. In the event of an emergency the Fire Marshall is responsible for the evacuation of the premises and alerting the emergency services.                          EXIT ROUTES MUST BE KEPT CLEAR AT ALL TIMES.  The Fire Marshall should ensure they are familiar with the exit routes and safety procedures, and that statutory requirements for fireproofing are met

8. Smoking, (including e-cigarettes) is not allowed anywhere on the premises including the back garden.

9. Disabled Persons Hirers must be responsible for the safety of everyone and especially those with a disability. Hirers are expected to offer them assistance when needed, particularly at the time of an emergency.

10. The Trustees reserve the right for themselves, their employees and their agents to enter the premises at any time for the purposes of maintaining safety and public order. They also reserve the right in their absolute discretion to decline or cancel or close down an event before or during the hire period. They will not be liable to pay any compensation or to return fees paid.

11. Cleanliness   The premises and equipment must be left in a clean and tidy state and items used replaced correctly. All rubbish and items brought in for an event must be removed at the end of the hire period. No alterations shall be made to the hall fixtures and fittings including lighting and other equipment. Nothing is to be fastened to any part of the building using adhesives or penetrative fastenings.

12. The Stage      is to be used for performances or other authorised activities only.

13. No Animals  are allowed on the premises with the exception of assistance dogs and they must not enter the kitchen or servery.

14. Alcohol   All alcoholic beverages consumed on the premises must be obtained through the personal licence holder of the hall. The hirer is responsible for ensuring compliance with this rule.

15. Licences   The premises are licensed for the sale of alcohol and the performance of plays and live music etc. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct licences for their event.

16. All electrical appliances used on the premises MUST be fit for purpose.

17. Insurance    The Hall has Public Liability Insurance. Hirers can rely on this cover if their event is for charitable or non-profit making purposes. Full details are available on request. The Trustees, their employees and representatives will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property brought onto the premises or for any loss, damage or injury to persons entering the premises or its grounds.

18. PRIVACYThe Trustees will not sell or pass on Personal Data to any other organisation. They will work within the APMH privacy policy.

 Trustees of Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall                                                                                                       July 2019


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