M A Smith







Apsley, Hertfordshire

Single joint expert regarding fitness for purpose of imported "top-soil".

Petrol Station, Coventry

Advice and investigation services were provided to Coventry City Council at a site where petrol leaking from a tank on a service station had migrated beneath adjacent houses. A limited investigation was carried out to demonstrate the presence of petrol in the gardens of the houses (emergency action had already been taken to prevent fumes entering the houses). The report was used by the Environmental Health Department to persuade the site owner to carry out a detailed investigation followed by clean-up action on the petrol station.

Brownhills, West Midlands

Expert witness in action by householder against local authority in relation to extensive contamination of garden - the local authority was the previous landowner, planning authority and building regulation authority. The case was settled out of court about two weeks before hearing.


Expert witness for action by householder against neighbouring industrial operator regarding flood which contaminated garden. The case was eventually settled out of court.


Expert witness for local authority in Public Inquiry into planning appeal regarding application to build houses on a hazardous site. The appeal was rejected.

Erdington, West Midlands 

Expert Witness at Public Inquiry for developer seeking purchase order against local authority following an unsuccessful application for permission to build on a hazardous site. The application by the developer failed.


Expert witness for the local authority at a Local Plan inquiry in respect of a suitable strategy for development for housing of former industrial site.

Sevenoaks, Kent

Preparation of publicly available reports for the local authority reviewing its actions to deal with an estate of privately owned houses on a gassing landfill site, and on an investigation of contamination issues. Provision of summary letters for use by owners attempting to sell houses.

Wallesey, Wirral

Advice to solicitors acting for residents affected by petrol leakage from nearby service station.


Expert Witness in legal action regarding compliance with specification and "fitness for purpose" of fill material for use on a remediated contaminated site.