Nustone Ltd. was an Entrust body and specialist industrial; and environmental consultancy providing research, development and information relating to the use of wastes such as the ash from the incineration of municipal refuse in the manufacture of concrete aggregates and other construction materials. It operated between about 1997 and 2002.  

The Directors of Nustone (listed below) had technical expertise in:

  • the identification and analysis of waste streams

  • evaluation of those waste streams most suitable for processing into manufactured aggregates

  • the design and manufacture of aggregates and other products from waste by various processes

  • application of manufactured aggregates

  • the analysis of product performance such as of concrete incorporating manufactured aggregates

  • quantitative risk analysis, not only of the product and its application, but also of the original waste stream and its envirtonmental impact when landfilled

  • the characetrisation of wastes in relation to legislative requirements governing waste disposal to landfill

  • the characterisation and processing of wastes to conform withy national and innternational product specifications and requirements regarding application.


Chairman: H Trevor D Morwood, MBE, MA Cantab, CEng, FICE

Managing Director: Gareth A Owens, BSc, MSc, DIC

Director and Company Secretary: Philip L Owens, MPhil, FICT

Ordinary directors:

Bipul Kumar Bardhan-Roy, BE(Civil), FICE, FIStructE

Michael A Smith, BSc, CCherm, CGeol, FRSC, MCIWEM, MIM, FGS

John B Newman, BSc (Eng), CEng, ACGI, DIC, PhD, MICT, MIStructE



Rosebank, Donkey Lane, Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 4DY

tel. 01442-826608            fax. 01442-890079