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Thirty years of site investigation - more but is it better?, M A Smith, in: Proc. Conf. Contaminated Land: Achievements and Aspirations,  September 2004, EPP Publications (Chiswick) 2004.

Management of Polluted and Other Degraded Soils, M A Smith, Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Rome) – to be published. FAO

Industrial Site Remediation, M A Smith, in: Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, UNESCO (Paris) 2002

Characterising soils and other "soil materials, M A Smith, paper for Enviornment Agency/Local Authority seminars, 2000.

Risk assessment for other receptors [buildings, ecosystems, agriculture] - M A Smith, paper for Enviornment Agency/Local Authority seminars 2000.

Assessment and Management of Risks to Buildings, Building Materials and Services, R&D Technical Report, P5 035/TR/01, Environment Agency, 2001. [Report prepared for the Environment Agency by Building Research Establishment, M A Smith Environmental Consultancy & Monitor Environmental Consultants]

Risks of Contaminated Land to Buildings, Building Materials and Services. S Garvin, R Hartless, M Smith, S Manchester & P Tedd, Environment Agency Technical Report P331 (WRc, Swindon, 2000).

NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Evaluation of Demonstrated and Emerging Technologies for the Treatment of Contaminated Land and Groundwater (Phase II): Final Report. M A Smith (edit), US Environmental Protection Agency (Washington DC) 1998.

Risk-based Contaminated Land Investigation and Assessment. J Petts, T Cairney and M A Smith, (Wiley, London, 1997).

Decommissioning, Mothballing and Revamping. M Briggs, S Buck and M Smith (edits), (Institution of Chemical Engineers, Rugby 1996).

An overview of current research on site investigation technologies and methodologies. M A Smith, Land Contamination and Reclamation, 1996, 4 (3), 149-157.

Remedial Treatment for Contaminated Land, Volumes 1 to 12. M R Harris, S M Herbert and M A Smith. (Construction Industry Research and Information Association, London 1995/97), Special Publications 101 to 112.

Experiences of the development and application of guidelines for contaminated sites in the United Kingdom. M A Smith. Proc. Conference, The Development of Soil, Sediment and Groundwater Clean-up Standards: How Clean is Clean?, Washington DC, January 1993 (Water Environment Federation, Alexandria VA, USA, 1993) pp 195-204.

Legal aspects of the acquisition and development of contaminated sites in the United Kingdom. M A Smith. Proc. EBRD/OECD/World Bank International Conference on Privatisation, Foreign Direct Investment and Environmental Liability in Central and Eastern Europe, Warsaw, May 1992 (to be published).

Ranking of 'Problem' Sites and Criteria for Clean-up of Contaminated Sites. M A Smith.

In: "Land Reclamation: An End to Dereliction?", edit. M.C.R. Davies (Elsevier, Oxford 1991) pp 279-288

Data Analysis and Interpretation. M A Smith. In: "Recycling Derelict and Marginal Land", edit G. Fleming (Thomas Telford, London 1991) pp 88-144.

Social, Psychological and Economic Aspects of Contaminated Land. M A Smith and S B Baker. Report for European Foundation for Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Bostock Hill & Rigby Limited, Birmingham 1987).

An Investigation into Methods used in Assess Gas Works Sites for Reclamation. M A Smith and A C Ellis. Reclamation and Revegetation Research, 1986, 4, 183-209

Standards for the Redevelopment of Contaminated Land. M A Smith. Proc. Conf. Reclamation of Contaminated Land, Eastbourne, 1979, (Society of the Chemical Industry, London 1980), pp B1/1-16.

Redevelopment of Contaminated Land: Landfill Sites. M A Smith. Proc Symposium Engineering Behaviour of Industrial and Urban Fill, Birmingham 1979 (Midlands Geotechnical Society, Birmingham University 1979) pp B49-B69.

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