Binang Cadio Resort is the first to offer Scuba Diving in Northern Philippines and yes it is part of your holiday.   The centre has a resident Assistant Instructor who will take you to various dive sites within the area.

Dives from the centre are among the finest in the world.  Crystal clear warm waters of the Philippines allow an abundance of local sea life to thrive, and for migrating species to visit on their incredible journey through the San Bernardino Strait.

Visibility varies to over 30mtrs, allowing the riot and profusion of colours from the varied corals and aquatic life to be constantly breathtaking. An experience that must be seen to be believed.

Only a short picturesque boat ride will take you to a variety of amazing diving locations. Starting with a magnificent descent down the suspended Coral Walls, arriving at a photographers dream of the enchanting Coral Gardens.

Reaching out into the San Bernardino Strait lies the majestic island of Biri. This location offers many different types of dives, from the slow descending ‘Topography’ to the impressive ‘Drop Offs’ and ‘Walls’.

Within easy reach of the beach are two local reefs ideal for shore diving (see photo). Just a few metres from the shore one of the reefs drops to 7metres.  Soft sandy beds are perfect for practising buoyancy techniques before descending over the abundant delicate corals .



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