The Binang Cadio Family invite you to experience

An Exclusive Taste of the Philippines

as your Eco holiday destination

Come and relax away from the rush of modern life and experience the bliss of peace and tranquillity away from modern technology on the shores of the Philippines

Jonathan Associates have arranged with the Binang Cadio family for the exclusive use of their beach resort in Northern Samar for the year 2001-2002 where we will be re-investing back into the local community. See our Eco statement 

The Binang Cadio family wants you to have the most relaxing and enjoyable  holiday possible.  They know that the only way to relax and enjoy life is to be part of a family where the warm atmosphere makes you feel as if you belong there.

You can come as a single person, couples, family or why not 

hire the complete resort.


Welcome Let's Just Relax

Let's See Northern Samar



Let's Go Diving




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