I would like to welcome you to our web pages and explain a little about ourselves and what we have to offer.  Within this section we will explain about the resort, our aims.

Whom this type of holiday would appeal to?

The list would be endless, but those who want to get away from the normal vacation, those who want to be inspired, those who have a love for diving, the rain forest, Artists, Writers, Retired,  as I said the list would be endless

Whom this type of holiday would not be suitable for?

Those looking for Disco's, Clubs, and the opposite sex.  These can be found in Manila.

Families with Children under 14 years old

Northern Samar has not been commercialized in any way, and will not for some considerable time to come.  The main income of Northern Samar is copra (coconuts) these are turned into oil, milk etc, and shipped to Manila for export. 

The Cadio family decided to open a small beach resort for those who wish to get away from the fast track of life, and to go somewhere special where you can relax and enjoy the peace of Northern Samar.

I am British, and understand that many people like to see un spoilt areas of the World, but like the comforts they have at home.  Many people do not like the feeling of being in a crowd. by only catering for a small number of people, allows us to keep that family atmosphere which makes our holiday destination special. 

Our aim is to allow us to bring continueous employment to the area.  We hire local people to keep their land clean, fishing boats to take us on excursions (we can buy our own, but why should we, if we can help the local people).  We buy our soft drinks from local sources i.e. Pepsi, Coke etc and not from the manufacturer.  This gives the little local shops trade.  But we do buy our food from reputable suppliers and grow our own.

The resort is situated on Northern Province of Samar Island which maintains its natural beauty and identity.  Its peace and tranquillity will take you away from the ‘fast track’ life of the west, and is within easy reach of some of the most pristine dive sites if you are a diver, and areas of rain forest are also within easy reach for those who wish to visit, you will witness the ecology and the abundant wildlife,  you may see such endangered species as the Philippine Eagle.

Or, you could relax on the beach with a fresh coconut cut from the tree by Mondo, or have a cool drink, be it alcoholic or soft, and watch the fabulous sunsets that occur in this part of the world, and feel all your body oooooooooosing into the surroundings, or if you are a diver think of the next day’s incredible diving

During your stay with the Cadio family, you will be invited to participate in friendly social events (if you wish) such as beach Bar-B-Qs, picnics, or one of the other entertainments from local sources such as tinikling (where you dance between two bamboo sticks).

The resort/centre accommodate just 8 visitors.

Your accommodation during your stay will be apartments/cottages, which are nestled between the palm trees of a working Copra (coconut) plantation.  All cottages have twin beds, table and chairs, fans and shower rooms. and 220/240 volt electricity.  The generously sized rooms give ample space to relax, or feel that inspiration which has been lost, or taking in the sights.

One of the best ways to become accustomed to the region for non-divers is to take full advantage of the diving excursions the centre offers in your exclusive adventure. because there will be times when the dive boat will call on nearby islands for you to see some of the amazing sights. Notification will be given so those non divers can plan ahead.

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