Northern Samar

The Philippines has a rich tapestry of different cultures, and landscapes that vary from wide sandy beaches to rain forests and volcanoes.  Northern Samar is an area of unspoilt beauty, of peace and tranquillity.  Those who seek such surroundings need look no further. Northern Samar has not as yet been commercialized, so it has kept its own identity and relaxed pace of life.

The Republic of the Philippines is situated  between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean and are made up of 7107 islands and islets and contains some of the richest marine life systems on earth.  If you only spent one day on each of the islands it would take 20 years to do so.


During your stay, you could take a trip up the Catubig river from Laoang to Las Navas.  The journey starts from the mouth of the river, through mangrove thicket then upstream where the river runs through magnificent breathtaking mountainous territory with lush vegetation, until you reach the beautiful Pinipisacan Falls.


Visiting the rainforest will be one of the experiences that should not be missed during your stay.  The Cadio family would be pleased to arrange a trip for those who wish to see the wonders of the rainforests.  A local guide will escort you into this incredible setting where you will feel the immense power and beauty of this extraordinary image.


Or travel to Biri and see the unbelievable formations carved into the cliffs by the tides of yesteryear, There will be a dive trip to Biri where those who do not dive will be able to visit this lovely Island. Then  journey east approximately 15 kilometers to Rosario and visit the hot springs where they are believed to have a  miraculous effect.





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