Duxford Airshows


FOWLMERE, providing airshow support for over 21 Years !

  • Please notify Customs by completing GAR on line: www.aopa.co.uk
  • admin@modair.co.uk (Fax: 01763 208 861)
  • GAR should be sent at least 4 hours prior to arrival at EGMA
  • NO NOTIFICATION for departure from EGMA to any EU airport is required.
  • There is no requirement to close flight plan in UK.
  • Please book In and book Out at Reception.
  • Landing fee is 10 or 12 Euros, includes camping and overnight parking.
  • Toilets are at the far end of the hangar and in toilet block outside the east end of hangar.
  • For some events we may lay on a breakfast and arrange for a minibus shuttle service into the Duxford event. Please check with us!
  • Avgas (limited supplies) available between 07.00 – 10.30 hrs. local Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Please make request on arrival.
  • You are welcome to ‘camp’ at Fowlmere – limited facilities available.
  • Fowlmere will be ‘closed’during TRA.
  • If you need assistance : Derick : 07831 115 658 or Christine: 07973 166 643
  • Telephone contacts:
    Fowlmere  01763 208281
    Duxford ATC 01223 833376
    Cambridge ATC 01223 373213
    NATS AFPEX Helpdesk 08456010483 or 01489612792

    Emergency Services: Dial 999 on land line (in portacabin)  

Finally, please ensure your route to/from EGMA remains outside controlled airspace; Stansted and Luton airspace is nearby. London TMA base of 2400 QNH is just south of EGMA. Please use Farnborough Radar (frequency 132.80) and ask for either ‘BASIC SERVICE’ (formerly Flight Information) or ‘TRAFFIC SERVICE’ (Formerly Radar Information). Southend now has Class 'D' CTA so you must call Southend Approach for transit.

**Please note:
The Chequers and Queens Head in Fowlmere have both reopened and provide good food.