Places to Visit

If anyone has some flight planning experiences please do forward these to the webmaster and we will build a list of tips to help each other. Some tips already exist. Try the following:
May’05 -
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Aug’05 -
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May’06 -
Fly to the Sound of Mull for an interesting trip in Britain
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Just in case you want to try something even more ambitious, follow the Big Adventure by club member Jim Nisbet as he flew around the world in 2008!

There are also some ideas for internet preparation and route planning at Internet Planning Tips

Below are some places visited by club members over the past few years. If you know of a great place to visit (or possibly a place that you found to have some issues that you would like others to know about) then please let the webmaster know so we can add them. In time, we hope to have pictures and a more consistent set of data for each location, but this is a start that hopefully encourages you to try somewhere new!

Alderney, Channel Islands - is a great GA destination. Duty Free goods and low cost fuel are available and it's the most unspoilt of the the three islands with airfields. It has three runways two grass and one tarmac. Remember to fill in the customs and special branch forms at least 12 hours in advance, file a flight plan and off you go! Several club members know the trip well, try John Milner for sound advice on the local issues and/or go to Sunday buffet lunch at the Old Barn Restaurant on a summer's afternoon is well worth the taxi ride to Longy Bay. (Jan’05)

Beccles - Three Horseshoe pub, food ok, 15min across (muddy?) field paths

Bembridge, Isle of Wight. Friendly place, good runway, decent pub food actually on the boundary, easy walk to a nice little beach or Bembridge town. Watch out for gliding ops using grass strip parallel to the hard runway.  Easy enough trip, just requires usual care circumnavigating the London TMA, very little water to cross. Approx 75 mins. The Propeller inn is open again - shut for a period in 2004. The other walk from the field is up to the monument on the headland, quite a steep walk but worth the views. (Jan’05)

Biggin Hill - Socata base

Bodmin - Eden Project

Boston, nr Coningsby - for BofB Memorial Flight and Tattenhall Castle (National Trust)

Caernarfon, Wales - cafe and small onsite aircraft museum

Carlisle - Gateway to the lakes (GA Apr 2004 P48) Cafe

Chichester (Goodwood) - Good cafe overlooking airfield. Right in the middle of the car racing circuit! Fly here for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Revival meeting and avoid the traffic jams!

Compton Abbas - Film set Museum

Cosford - Air Museum (linked to Hendon), military so 24hrs PPR necessary

Croft or Skegness for Grunsby Hall (National Trust)

Deauville, France - go to HonFleur, restaurants all around harbour. Plus Old town. See Deauville Information for some guidance from Derick.

Derby or Tattenhill for Sudbury Hall (National Trust)

Elvington - Massive Runway, nice museum

Fairoaks - cafe, interesting for ATC calls and possibility of Ascot, Burnham procedure

Gloucestershire (Staverton) - Cafe, Transair

Jersey - Pay a visit to the Old Court House Inn

Keystone by A14 - short private strip, The Pheasant Pub/Restaurant

Le Mans, France - old town and race circuit (2.5hr flight each way)

Le Touquet - well if you haven’t been, you need to. It is a good place to target for a first cross channel trip. Once done, you can explore some of the other places mentioned here and be a bit different! See Le Touquet Information for some guidance from Derick.

Old Buckenham - Cafe (updated-end04), associate membership gives free landings all year

Popham - interesting dog-leg approach, on site cafe

Rochester - On site cafe

Sandtoft - Cafe, Transport Centre (10min walk)

Shobdon - Cafe, NW of Gloucester (Pembridge 3 miles)

Shoreham - Cafes (public and club), Transair

Stapleford - on site cafe

Syerston (RAF) for The Workhouse (National Trust)

Turweston - Cirrus and LAA, limited movements, great cakes when the cafe is open!

Waterford - Historic town with lots to see including the crystal factory. Airport has excellent facilities. Paul Drakes can recommend a glorious B&B! Suggest over nighter is best a it is a way away. Nearly a couple of hours in Saratoga but worth it. (Jan’05)

Wellesbourne - for Charcotte House (NT) in walking distance & Stratford-upon-Avon

Welshpool - you can walk across canal and fields to Powys Castle (National Trust)

White Waltham - clubhouse/food, interesting aircraft (YAKs etc), quite bumpy

Wickenby - Lincoln, coffee bar and small Control Tower museum.

Wycombe - on site cafe, often busy with gliders, helicopters and training aircraft. Unusual overhead join along runway heading.


Andrewsfield - Watch out for the bumps and it can be muddy

Redhill - Check to see who might be around to help. Got very muddy in ‘04